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Chronicles of (Miss) Adventure!!

December 28, 2010 7 comments

November 12… 08:00 AM

“When destiny has to play its role, the plots are set well before”.


The excitement was double as I was to travel alone for the 1st time. And so was the nervousness as I am well aware of my own carelessness. This is about the adventure along the journey that bagged me the title of “Miss Adventure” 😀 .


Di.. make sure you leave the house max by 11.30, else sure you will be joining us for dinner, said my youngest sis giggling while I still lay on bed half asleep.
Just shuttt uppp and get lost else you sure will be late for school.I screamed in defense least aware of what was going to unfold in the next 11 hours.

November 12… 09:00 AM

Are you done with packing? See I am warning you. Don’t delay. My 2nd sis threw the comment while leaving.
What’s with you guys? I am seeing since morning. Anyways, I am going to get my dress.

Now? You should have gone yesterday itself knowing you are supposed to leave today.

I came home late. I had a call. I came only at 10 and the shop was closed by that time.

Ok hurry up now. I am also leaving.

November 12 10:00 AM

Aunty is my dress ready?
Oh you want it now. It will just take me 10 min. Wait for sometime na, I will give the saree to this aunt and then complete your dress.
But aunty I am in hurry. I have a train to catch.
Oh it will hardly take 5 min. Just wait na.

November 12 10:30 AM

Aunty how long will it take?
Yeah it’s done. Here I will make your dress ready now.

Working elegantly on my blue salwaar, she started singing an old number.

“Mera man dole mera tan dole mere dil ka hua khumaar re kon bajaaye baasuriya”

Singing, she flickered her eyes almost imitating Vijayanthimala and looked at me with expecting eyes for appreciation.

I felt like asking her to just keep shut and stop irritating and obviously, was in no mood to appreciate her singing or acting talent. It was already 10:45.

Hmmm Aunty is it done? I am getting late.
Haan haan it’s done. You are in so hurry today.
Yes aunty I have a train to catch and I am already late.
Here take it.
Thanks Aunty. I saw the time. It was already 11.

I rushed home, got ready, picked my luggage, locked the doors, handed the keys to neighbor aunty, looked at the clock, it was already 12. Only if the train starts late I will be able to board it. I thought to myself and almost ran towards my bike.

I got into the local train and avoided looking at the time to avoid anymore tension. Suddenly the train halted. I looked out of the window. It was not a regular halt at the station. After sometime I heard 2 aunts discussing about some accident on the tracks. This is the last thing that could happen I thought and looked at my cell to check the time. 13:10 PM. Does it make any sense to go station now? Train leaves the platform at 13.20 PM. And I still have half an hour of travel left. Anyways I didn’t had an option.

I reached the station at 13:40 PM almost panting for the loss of breath, checked the PF number and rushed towards the train with no stamina by now to even walk.


November 12 13:45 PM

I reached some PF and while I struggled to breath, I saw my train gaining momentum at PF 3. I wanted to scream but couldn’t. I just ran towards PF 3 but it was too late. Knowing not what to do, I just stood breathing, may be to compensate for the loss of oxygen I have had in last few hours. Wonderful!! I said to myself. This was the 1st time I was traveling alone or may be, not traveling anymore & first time I had missed the train.


November 12… 14.00 PM

I had only 2 choices now.
1. Get back home with a stupid face only to be mocked at by sis and friends.
2. Get another train.

Obviously I went ahead with 2nd option for I have always chosen the 2nd option in life though wanting to choose 1. Yeah call it the love for “2” but the crush for “1”.

I looked around for help and spotted someone in khaaki dress.
Uncle I just missed my train to Blore. Any idea which station or how can I catch that?
No, you can’t catch that now but if you want to, catch the one at PF 1. This is also going to Blore and will leave in another 5 min.


November 12… 14.10 PM

I thanked him and ran towards the train. Guessing the train might move any moment I got into some compartment whose entrance was free. The train started moving. And then it struck, I didn’t get the ticket.

Damn, what was I supposed to do at that moment. I decided to pay the fine when the TT arrives. But wait. What train am I in? Which compartment am I sitting? God, I didn’t notice anything while getting in. Hmm shall I ask the guy sitting opposite to me? I looked at him and then turned my eyes away. Nah it will sound so stupid. As if till now what has happened wasn’t stupid enough.


November 12… 20.10 PM

My cell phone rang. It was Nive(My friend).

Hi Nive..
Hei Anu. Where are you?
Hmm I don’t know. Leme check.
Haan check and tell me fast.
It says somewhere near B’lore east.
Hei listen. Just get down in Contonment. No need to go to SBC. We are coming to Contonment to pick you up. What’s your train/compartment number?
Err.. Nive don’t ask me anything. I will get down in station. You come.
But tell me your train/compartment so that we can spot you.
Eeh no, actually I myself don’t know anything. Shhhh don’t ask anything. I will get down in Contonment ok.
This gal is seriously mad. She says she doesn’t know anything.
Chupp I will get down and call you. Bye.

November 12… 20.30 PM

Hei Nive I screamed waving my hand. The happiness of successfully making it to B’lore even after missing the train was impeccable. But least did I know, this was just the beginning of the adventurous trip.Things were yet to unfold in coming 3 days.

Hei Anu. Gadhi don’t you know which train you are travelling or which compartment you are sitting? How could be so careless, so foolish.

Some friends doubt your ‘special’ skills you see.

Eeh come lets move out of here Nive. I will tell you everything. Come…..


Oh btw I forgot to tell about the most interesting part of the whole journey. Remember I didn’t take any ticket in hurry and was waiting for the TT to come? Well no TT ever came. And on the other side, Nive and Naveen (My friends) paid the fine for getting onto the PF w/o a PF ticket. Isn’t it amazing? 😀

Believe it or not, I was destined to get late  😀 .

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When did I grow so BIG?

December 15, 2010 4 comments

Life couldn’t get more worse for a girl who has graduated two years back, has no plans to study further at least for another two years, is approaching that ‘marriageable’ age exactly contradictory to her actual behavior, acts, looks and and above all, have a younger sister who isn’t at much age difference, possess all the responsible-mature-understanding-caring bla bla qualities that she has hardly known, and to top the list, looks elder cz of chubbiness in contrast to her starving-to-death physique.

Now even if I show the marriage invitation card of a school/college friend to my mother, instantly I get that “See, everyone is getting married” look.The heights were when I told her about a friend who recently got married & is pregnant now. The immediate response was a pitiable look towards me as though all my friends have got double promotion and I have kept myself deprived of even one.

Any talk on Saturdays and Sundays revolves only around how many most-eligible-bachelors are there in which part of the state and how each of their family is doing. And any advices or scoldings for any mistakes done speaks only about how I am going to be ill-treated if I don’t learn even now, which is no sooner followed by the ‘do’s and don’ts’ in-laws house. While any of these strictly refuses to find any way into my ears, all I do is flip the pages of the novel and stare at the already-giggling-enjoying-my-plight sisters.

If this wasn’t enough, there pitches in relatives & my mother’s friends, embarrassing me with all sort of questions on expectations so that they can help in selecting the best alliance as if the answer is so simple and this is what I have been thinking about all the years. Besides every time I try to search an answer the first unanswered question that covers my eyes is “When did I grow so BIG?” 🙄
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[Snail mail]~Of E-letters and E-memory

December 9, 2010 8 comments

 When I think of the Snail Mail the first thing that comes to my mind is “Passing Love notes”. I still remember how when a message has to be passed in mid of the class, from one corner to another, it has to travel through 20 other students seated in between. It used to take minimum 5 minutes for every “Love-note” to reach the destination and an equal time for the reply to reach the source especially when all present in the class has to multi-task to make sure the teacher doesn’t get the hint of this “Free-Postal-Service”. Listening to the teacher, reading the note, passing the note, all at the same time within the limited time frame when the teacher is glued to the book, trust me no simple task. And the fun involved was simply immeasurable. Not only for the 2 involved in the conversation, rather for the whole class 😀 .

It was this snail-mail that first taught us the art and importance of  team work, multi-tasking & building network.

Today it’s just the matter of some nanoseconds.  Even before the source has clicked the send button the message is received by the destination without getting leaked to any 3rd person. No team work, no bonding, no involvement of anybody 3rd , in short no fun. Isn’t it a big loss?

Hmmm those were really magical days. I remember how I eagerly used to look for the weekends and among many other reasons one reason being the ‘letters’. Every Saturday my father & mother used to sit replying to all the letters received from the relatives and friends in the whole week and I used to make sure I try all my drawing/painting talent in the same letter and add a paragraph from my side too in the reply 😀 . Such was the value of “Communication” & “Staying Connected” those days.

Today many a times we look for excuses to call/mail a friend, occasions to get in touch with relatives, and an auspicious time to reply to the e-mails & messages.

Once there was a time I used to remember the address of most of my relatives and friends with their phone numbers. Now,  I can’t even call my mom if my cell is missing(uff her number changes every six months) and can’t mail even my sis if I don’t  have the access to Gmail 🙄 .

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