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You can’t repent!!

January 24, 2011 Leave a comment

You return from an awesome-fun filled-memorable trip to Pondy on new year and get blasted from Mum for not being at home(one of the reasons 😛 ), you cannot repent as its worth the scolding 😛 .

You catch up with your friends after a gap of few days and they say they missed your goof-ups on the 1st place and then only you, you definitely can’t repent 😛 .

For a change you don’t log in and go to bed at “10 PM”, the whole family looks at you with suspicious eyes as if you have stolen something and then your Mum comes and touches your forehead to check if you are sick, huh how are you supposed to repent 🙄 .

You are interviewing a bean and she confesses that she once wished to kill you cz unknowingly you were the reason she once got blasted by her BO and accused for not bringing fame  the way once you did, well, now how to repent? 😛

You are saving money from your salary for a purpose from months and suddenly you land up in a jewelery shop with Mum, though she doesn’t expects/asks but you give your card to pay the bill and she almost jumps in joy singing your praises to who so ever she meets, only a foolish daughter can repent 😀 .

You call one of your friends on a weekend and the Idiot is busy updating the status and searching valentine on FB while on call and not attentive, who can repent swearing on such friends? 😛

You reach office at 11, spend the whole day reading-enjoying-deleting the spam mails from friends and having fun in the conferences, catching up with friends in cafeteria(Human beings are subjected to get moody and not feel like working especially if its Friday), you cannot repent staying after 6 to complete the job as its worth staying late 😉 .

With great difficulty you manage to get leave to prepare for your exams and now you simply sit and blink seeing the book unable to concentrate, will you repent scoring a “ZERO”?? 🙄

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[Guest post for MJ]~ Chicken-ing Out ;)

January 12, 2011 3 comments

This is a guest post for MJ. I mean on behalf of MJ 😛 .  And thus the speaker is he himself 😀 .


The clock struck 00:00:00 on Jan 2nd and another year of my bachelorhood elapsed. Even my innocent milk-leaking face doesn’t hide the obvious 27 I am now. Still single…. mummyyyy 😦 . And the exponential rate at which the number of girls calling me “Anna” (Brother) is increasing every passing year which stands directly proportional to the size of my ever-increasing tummy, I fear the status change even in near future 😦 . Before I  become the Universal-Brother and I am forced to follow the pledge I have taken in my school days, I decided to take up some resolutions which might succeed in stopping at least 1 gal in India from calling me Anna. (I cannot go for other country gals as it’s very difficult to love in languages other than Tamil you know.).

June 2nd 2011- after 6 months of following the resolutions-

Wait 1st I need to tell what resolutions I took right? Here I go but statutory warning adopt them at your own risk.

I graduated from cartoon TV to *TV only when my mother wasn’t around. You know, it takes some time for parents to realize that their kids are no more kids.

I stopped looking at gals with brotherly eyes. Anuji said it’s all cz of my brotherly eyes, gals feel the urge to fall in brotherly-love with me. It was so difficult you know. How to look at a gal than the way I have been accustomed to for the past 27 years? She didn’t teach me that. And my self-learning earned me some slaps, cold stares along with curses and swearing sometimes. But it was fun@learning as long as they swore in English 😀 .

The biggest villain between me and gals was my tummy that has always gained attention from every gal even before my innocent face does 😦 . Holding the breath can help when you are standing in pics in front of the gal but not when you are standing live ok. I have been jogging/walking/running/dancing, 5 mins daily before I wake up, on the bed. Have reduced 0.0005 inches successfully 🙂 . Only I couldn’t afford to swim on bed.

The next challenge was intake of chicken. Megz said, it’s all cz of the curses from those chicks who found solace in my tummy, I am aging single. I decided, even if my tongue pleads and soul starves to death to bite the chicken leg, I will control 😦 . And I did. Things weren’t easy. Even in dreams where before I used to run behind Jenelia/Trisha in slow motion, now all I run after is Chicken 😦 , in slow motion of course.

I decided to learn to rhyme in Hindi like S3 does. Soon I will be his Guru. Here is one proof for you people-

Maataji mai Sakhu ko chahta ji

Tum haan bole to

Mai thaali lekar aata ji

Copyrighted @ Mjlicious

(Don’t ask me the translation plz)

And the below incident provoked me to take another bonus resolution-

She: Looked at me.

I:   Looked at her.

She: Smiled.

I:   Smiled.

She: Came close.

I:   ………

She: Came little more close.

I:   Sorry sister I am a good boy 😦 .

She: ???

Never call a gal as your sister 😦 .

PS: Thaali=Mangalsutra

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