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You can’t repent!!

January 24, 2011 Leave a comment

You return from an awesome-fun filled-memorable trip to Pondy on new year and get blasted from Mum for not being at home(one of the reasons 😛 ), you cannot repent as its worth the scolding 😛 .

You catch up with your friends after a gap of few days and they say they missed your goof-ups on the 1st place and then only you, you definitely can’t repent 😛 .

For a change you don’t log in and go to bed at “10 PM”, the whole family looks at you with suspicious eyes as if you have stolen something and then your Mum comes and touches your forehead to check if you are sick, huh how are you supposed to repent 🙄 .

You are interviewing a bean and she confesses that she once wished to kill you cz unknowingly you were the reason she once got blasted by her BO and accused for not bringing fame  the way once you did, well, now how to repent? 😛

You are saving money from your salary for a purpose from months and suddenly you land up in a jewelery shop with Mum, though she doesn’t expects/asks but you give your card to pay the bill and she almost jumps in joy singing your praises to who so ever she meets, only a foolish daughter can repent 😀 .

You call one of your friends on a weekend and the Idiot is busy updating the status and searching valentine on FB while on call and not attentive, who can repent swearing on such friends? 😛

You reach office at 11, spend the whole day reading-enjoying-deleting the spam mails from friends and having fun in the conferences, catching up with friends in cafeteria(Human beings are subjected to get moody and not feel like working especially if its Friday), you cannot repent staying after 6 to complete the job as its worth staying late 😉 .

With great difficulty you manage to get leave to prepare for your exams and now you simply sit and blink seeing the book unable to concentrate, will you repent scoring a “ZERO”?? 🙄

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