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It’s Official!!

February 21, 2011 6 comments

I sit in a corner. Because of my physical constraints, corporate ethics that refrains me from peeping around and of course the work load, I do not get to observe everyone but 4 people including ‘her’. There are walls around my 2 sides that separates or makes the cubicles. Everyone here, is most of the time confined to a corner, like me.

One of those 4 people has come. She is newly wed and sits at approximately  120 degrees from my vision. She doesn’t talk much. Doesn’t even look at me. Very vulnerable and shy. So delicate that if anybody talks to her in loud voice, I fear she might break into pieces. She is usually occupied and carries a tensed face. She has sat on the chair and is now logging to her system. She looks scared of something even now.

The TL peeps at me from the wall at my right and goes to her desk which is at approximately 60 degrees, but on the other side of the wall visible to me. She checks me out daily the same way. She is happy or atleast I think so, not to find ‘her’ in front of me. Not sure if  the smile on her face is the outcome of  finding me alone or for making it to the office before ‘her’ which means she isn’t late.  Anyways  she is now at her place, still  smiling and busy with her cell. She is married too. Must be messaging her husband.

The gentleman with spectacles adoring his nose, who sits at approximately 60 degrees to me has also come now. Still ‘she’ is no where to be seen. The one I am waiting for. She has recently shifted to my bay and sits right in front of me. I don’t know why but I have now started waiting for her and love to do so. It’s different that I don’t have an option. I cannot start my work until she is here. Looks like she controls all my strings, senses, brain, what ever. She sweeps me off my base.

He is now having a talk with the TL from over the wall. She is torturing him with words for something. He doesn’t looks pleased and is trying to explain things. Finally the conversation has ended and now he is murmuring something to himself. I cannot hear what he is saying.

Oh there ‘she’ is. Finally. Almost running. She usually comes the same way. She places the handbag at the desk and goes to the lady at my 120 degrees. They are having some girly talk I guess. The way they are laughing says so. She greets “Hi” to the team and comes to me. I am almost lifeless. She blinks and then smiles. While still gulping the water down her throat she touches me. Oh my, she turns me  ON.



Enter the Username & Password.

PS: Do let me know how you liked it through your rating and feedback 🙂 . This is my 1st attempt at the 3rd person narration 😀 . And need not say I tried narrating it as a guy 😛 .

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Wagging the Love-Tale!! :D

February 11, 2011 13 comments

Nive stood there near one of the tables in the Hotel, draped in a beautiful Red Saree with a bunch of beautiful Red Roses in hand. She looked the perfect Diva to Navin’s eyes. He came a little closer. Took out a rose from the bunch of roses she held and placed it on her neatly combed curly hair. She tilted her head towards her left slightly, and flickered her eyes smiling with a blush. Seeing the ever-innocent face of his lovely wife he fainted on the spot. It took her almost a dozen of “water bottles” to bring him back to senses. Sigh!

Little away from them, amidst many love birds, sat Raji and Biker in a corner just looking at each other. They were so lost in each other’s eyes that the waiter who came to get the orders from them, almost tried ten times but failed miserably to pull any of them out of the trance. After 5 mins she opened her bag and took out something that slipped the floor under biker. He was in complete awe and still trying to believe what he was seeing. It was 2 cute 3-D tooth brushes tied together with a red ribbon and a small red heart at the center. He couldn’t have asked for more.

It was Biker’s turn now. He took the basket he has been hiding under the table and gave it to her. She undid the ribbons carefully and as she moved aside the cover of the basket, almost jumped off her chair in excitement seeing the cute little puppy.  She named him as Tiger. As she took him out and was about to kiss, he jumped off. Raji cried after him and followed where he was going.

Tiger went near a beautiful little plump lady, Megz, who was making 2 gentlemen dance on her tunes.  Both of them were on their knees with a red rose in hand and begging her to accept their love while she was busy drinking her Lime Soda. Tiger was undoubtedly impressed by the charming smile she wore.  Tiger silently went in front of her and sat wagging his tail and tongue hanging out in admiration to the beauty she looked. Suddenly her eyes fell on the cute dog and her immediate reaction was- “Awwwwleeeeeeeee Choooooooooo Cuteeeeeeeee”. She held him up in the air and as she brought him closer to Kiss , Tiger turned towards the 2 gentlemen and before they could realize, he deposited gentle Slaps on both of their cheeks indicating them to close their eyes. And then brought his white cheeks closer to her glossy lips. Well, rest I didn’t see.

The 2 guys left the place heart-broken and deeply depressed. Not because Megz chose Tiger over them, but because now as per the bet, they have to wash the smelly 6 pair of Socks that Tarun hasn’t washed since last 6 years. God save their soul. Amen!!

PS: All the characters and incidents mentioned above are purely fictious and have no direct/indirect reference to anybody. But still if you think you could relate with the characters/incidents, not my fault 😛 .

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‘Exams’ are good!!’Exams’ achee hai :D

February 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Those who know how I wrote my exams, don’t get shocked seeing the title 😛 . And for those who don’t know and even if you don’t wanna know I will tell you 😛 , exams were little better than horrible.

Then why am I saying Exams are good? hiihhiihhiihih 😀

If you get to have fun and enjoy all the 5 days of leave(studying too) without having to worry for any sort of deadlines, if you get treat by will or by force 😛 on all 5 days, if you experience the thrill of bike-driving for the 1st time 😀 , you too will say the same. Exams are really good, bahut achee hai 😀 . And needless to say, it was awesome fun.












It was fun to get the angry-frustrated look from my youngest sis, nearly 6 years younger to me, while she tried teaching me accounts fearing that I may fail miserably if she doesn’t helps. Sigh! Luckily she didn’t slap or cry like how I used to do while teaching her long long ago once upon a time 😛 . And results, I am not even thinking of it right now 🙄 .

In the examination center, amidst all the students trying to brush up in last few minutes before the exam, there were 3 ducks. So beautiful that you could imagine how much I would have revised for the exams after seeing them 😛 .














But the strange thing was, whenever I tried going near them, they stood up together and started shouting in chorus as if calling someone. Disturbed by the noise I received some cold stares too from people studying seriously.














But when I looked around to check whom they were calling and by the time I turned back to them, they were already running away together. So smart. Don’t know who taught them these tricks of fooling people 😐 .














They did the same every day every time I tried touching any of them. Even they had the sense of unity 🙄 .















But it was fun watching them play silently 🙂 .


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