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‘Exams’ are good!!’Exams’ achee hai :D

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Those who know how I wrote my exams, don’t get shocked seeing the title πŸ˜› . And for those who don’t know and even if you don’t wanna know I will tell you πŸ˜› , exams were little better than horrible.

Then why am I saying Exams are good? hiihhiihhiihih πŸ˜€

If you get to have fun and enjoy all the 5 days of leave(studying too) without having to worry for any sort of deadlines, if you get treat by will or by force πŸ˜› on all 5 days, if you experience the thrill of bike-driving for the 1st time πŸ˜€ , you too will say the same. Exams are really good, bahut achee hai πŸ˜€ . And needless to say, it was awesome fun.












It was fun to get the angry-frustrated look from my youngest sis, nearly 6 years younger to me, while she tried teaching me accounts fearing that I may fail miserably if she doesn’t helps. Sigh! Luckily she didn’t slap or cry like how I used to do while teaching her long long ago once upon a time πŸ˜› . And results, I am not even thinking of it right now πŸ™„ .

In the examination center, amidst all the students trying to brush up in last few minutes before the exam, there were 3 ducks. So beautiful that you could imagine how much I would have revised for the exams after seeing them πŸ˜› .














But the strange thing was, whenever I tried going near them, they stood up together and started shouting in chorus as if calling someone. Disturbed by the noise I received some cold stares too from people studying seriously.














But when I looked around to check whom they were calling and by the time I turned back to them, they were already running away together. So smart. Don’t know who taught them these tricks of fooling people 😐 .














They did the same every day every time I tried touching any of them. Even they had the sense of unity πŸ™„ .















But it was fun watching them play silently πŸ™‚ .


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