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The Princess Diary!!

April 29, 2011 2 comments

Today I am going to tell you the story of a Princess. Yeah Princess of the blogging world, Raji. She must have shared many incidents of her life with you. Be it about her siblings and their life, pics of her various trips , the awesome shape poetry, about biker, she has shared it all here. But there is one story that she never mentioned. Nobody knows about it, except me. The memoirs of those dark cursed days still haunts her sometimes and she wakes up horrified in mid night or struggles to catch sleep till dawn breaks, and that’s when she sits down and rhyme, silently until tiredness takes the toll over her. Want to know what happened? Read on.

She sat in a corner of her room, staring at the clock and then her blog. She thought to herself- “It’s been 3 days now. And with the clock striking 00:00 the count will reach 4.” Tears welled up in the corner of her “small” eyes with the realization that days were passing in a jiffy & still there was nothing in her mind that could cure her suffering.

Once while crossing through the cafeteria, her colleagues spotted her writing something vigorously in the diary she always carried along. And then she ripped the page off ruthlessly, threw it inside her hand bag and began writing again. She did the same with nearly 10 pages. It was a scary sight for them.

She was acting different. Very different. Suddenly she would look into the sky and click something, then stare at her mobile for several minutes, suddenly sit staring at nothing on the table for minutes, or click the pics of the juices and salads she has ordered. She would walk along the corridors of the office as if she had been possessed, and if at her desk, she would blankly stare at the monitor, physically present but mentally nobody knew where.

That Saturday morning while she was busy staring at the pages of her diary, clock and her blog, her cell phone rang. It was him. The love of her life, Sree. She smiled after 4 days. He reminded her about the date they have planned in “Mash”. She loved the place for its romantic ambience and sea facing bistro. Her eyes were still fixed on her blog while she dressed up to meet him.

He was already there, waiting for her. Finally she arrived and their “small” eyes met. They sat in trance for some brief moments and his eyes fell upon her dress. He took her hand in his and asked- “Princess, you didn’t have any washed dress? You could have told me. I would have helped you reduce that pile of unwashed clothes. Why wear the already worn dress ulta?”

Her “small” eyes opened wide and she looked at herself, shocked. I am……. Sree…… I don’t know how…. but it’s not what…… I really don’t know…… Words seemed to defy her and she couldn’t say anything.

He held her close and calming her down, asked- “What happened Princu?”

Wiping off the tears she said-“I think I will lose my mind if it continues for one more day. You won’t marry some Konkani-speaking lady chosen by your mom na then? Moi tumak bhal pao a lot Sree.” Saying so she hugged him.

He couldn’t understand what was happening but replied “I vada pao you too Raji. Vada pao you too.”

Those words echoed in her ears like the magical spell. Her eyes lit up suddenly and pulling him close she kissed him on the cheeks(Indian Culture) and said “You are just the best my dear Froggie.”

Before he could even blink, she took her laptop that she carried along, logged into her blog and wrote-

” Across the wild velvet moor, when delicate bluebells yawn
They Stood under a Lemon Tree, relishing the “vada pao” brown
With Zephyr inkling the tickling sensation in both
The lovely couple pledged the Love troth!! “

As she clicked on “Post” button her joy knew no bounds. She has now recovered from the Bloggers block 😛 .

Note: Moi tumak bhal pao = I love you in Assameese.

PS: Though the names might sound familiar, but the characters are purely fictious. Trust me 😛

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And I am back :D

April 25, 2011 4 comments

I don’t know if I should feel ashamed to post here exactly after one month today 🙄 . Only when I clicked on “Write a Post” link, I realized my last post was a month back :O . Anyway it feels good to say “I am back” 😀 .

Before I pour down all my “non-sense” talks here that I am brimming with now, I will let you guys get prepared for it 😛 .

Recently I went to Allepey & Kumrokom with some of my friends. Being in “God’s own land” was definitely a bliss, but it was the company of these lovable creature which made our trip even more memorable 🙂 .

No wonder they are called “Love Birds” 🙂

I definitely don’t like to intrude in the “Private Moments” of ANYBODY but sometiems my camera does 😛

Not that all were besharam(shameless) there 😛 but this was the most shy one-

Their cozy nest 😉

Again as you can see I didn’t disturb them. Good Gal 😛

And the elated moment 🙂 Megz did make the record 😉

PS: I will be back again 😀 . Have a jhaakass week ahead 🙂

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