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A vampire, An Angel & a Love Story :)

September 22, 2011 Leave a comment

My Sincere thanks to Raji for reviewing it. 🙂

Warning: I am not a poet and this is a poem. 😛 Atleast I call it one. I started it with full enthusiasm but mid way got lost somewhere and couldn’t finish properly. 😐 Some may say its a scary story like they told about my previous poems-

1. Ways and She

2. Aberrant thoughts

But like my all other poems even this isn’t a scary one 😀 . Just a simple yet tragic love story of A  Vampire and an Angel. Weak Hearted MUST read the poem. Strong Hearted will anyway have to read it.

A vampire, An Angel & a Love Story

Dark wood and the blue sea
Crescent moon shining above dimly
Fluttering white pearl like feathers
Clad in red bedizen came down an angel

In welcome hooted the owls in unison
“Welcome O Angel, Welcome O Angel”

She walked from a tree to another
Her dainty smile spreading lavender
Enticed by the aromatic smell
Followed the fragrance, a Vampire

As she walked and neared the sea
Approaching waves surged in glee
Taking promenade along the shore
Angelic foot print made the sand lure

She paused and turned,
With every step heading close to her
He realized 24 hours been like years
Holding her hand he then whispered
“Love you Angel”!!

Flashed like a dagger, lightning
Still turned the waves and wind
Instantly blue changed her wings
And then,
Roared a voice from the sky
Trembling in fear the clouds passing by
Pulling the vampire into darkness above
Spelled a curse on the Angel

As Dark swallowed his last presence
He said, don’t shed tears my angel,
We will meet again!!

Dark wood and the blue sea
Crescent moon shining above dimly
Taking promenade along the shore
People still hear cries of Angel & Vampire!!

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