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[Book Review]~Conversations

October 29, 2011 2 comments

The moment I opened the book the first thing to catch my eye was “Dear BlogAdda Member, Have some Conversations of your own”. I did not understand much at that time and didn’t even try to as we do with many other questions that crop up in our mind and just gets ignored. As I read the stories, and the enlightening poems, I knew I was having “Some Conversations of my own”, with my self.

I am not going to talk about the author and his life as the book will tell you all. And by the time you finish the book you will know that this middle aged man strongly believes in how God is not responsible for what is happening with us and how every moment of life is to be cherished.

Conversations- The book is as unique as its title suggest. I prefer to call “Conversations” a book rather than novel for its introspective collection of stories and invigorating poems. Stories that everyone of us can relate to and poems that stirs your thoughts and perspective towards life. Every story has a theme, a lesson for us to learn from the experiences of characters in the story. Every story in “Conversations” tries to challenge the common perspective of every individual which we would have just accepted as a matter of fact by throwing at us the simple but right questions. The book talks about love. relationships. life, ambitions, dreams, GOD and emotions. The powerful impressive quotes and the simple questions Rajeev has used to provide the answers for difficult questions of life, is what I loved the most about the book.

The nuances of life, complexity of relationships, confusions of dreams, prejudices in beliefs and simplicity of truth, Rajeev has tried questioning and searching(giving) an answer for the questions that we all carry in our minds through his stories, through the experience of his life and life of people around. The message conveyed makes us think & analyze our own perspectives. Many a times while reading a story in the book, I got the urge to discuss what is written with my friends and know, what they feel about it. And before moving to the next story I had an introspective discussion with my friend and come to a conclusion mutually.

My favorite story in Conversations is “Four Eulogies”. It talks about dreams, ambitions, society, awakening, value of love & relationships, truth, importance of standing strongly by your beliefs, Role of people in your life, and dying a glorious death. The story is of a successful man, the impression he left on people around him, his family members and friends cz of his values and beliefs. Suzy was the inspiration who made him run the race of life faster at an age where people prefer to slow down and he called his extra marital affair with her as “Awakening”.

I can’t resist sharing some of my favorite quotes from the stories.

-“To be in love is to be inspired.” – Four Eulogies 

“Remember, dreams are extremely fragile. IF you break one, its splinters will always be in your heart reminding you of the broken promise and betrayal”– Splinters

“The day we stop expecting more from each other we put a stop to the growth of that relationship.” – Snowstorm

“Being happy is different from being content. I believe in the progression of life.” – Snowstorm

“Women have a sixth sense. We not only know who is watching us, we also sense the feelings behind those eyes.” – Snowstorm

“The closest analogy I can give for marriage is that its a three-legged race in which partner have one leg tied to each other. You need to keep pace with each other.” – Snowstorm

-“Have a brutal and uncompromising attitude towards life” – Four Eulogies 

“Your body is your soul’s temple and you only share it with someone whom you trust and love deeply. Maintaining the sanctity of this temple is your responsibility.” – Four Eulogies

“To err is human. But if you run out of the eraser before you run out of the lead in your pencil, you are taking it a little too far” – Four Eulogies

“The most difficult thing to do is to speak the truth and listen to the truth about oneself.” – The truth Club

There were many more but I will leave with this list. 🙂

Also I would like to mention few lines from a poem “Darkness” that touched me the most-

A hearse carries a body
What carries a dead soul?
The world mourns a dead person
Who mourns a dead hope?

A wreath decorates a dead body
What decorates a dead spirit?
If the spirit dies before the body
What carries the Death with it?

Read the book and see what Conversations you have 🙂

Note: Well a review cannot be complete without a complete feedback. Some stories like “The Rabbit Hole”, I felt the plot to be very weak and author not sure of how he wanted to end it. May be the confusion of how it should have ended as I found many dialogues for the same character contradicting at many places.
Then the horrible typos at various places which could have been avoided. “The Truth Club”, the story seems to be weak here too with weak character description. Some characters simply disappeared and some had no role at all. Also the end, was too lame and I felt the story was exaggerated to just let the three characters vent their suffering.

Overall, it was a nice read and the book could be read in between your any work without having to feel too addicted to it. 🙂

This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at Participate now to get free books!

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How Many Goof Ups Did You Do Today?

October 17, 2011 9 comments

As humans we all tend to do some goof ups. Its perfectly natural. But is there any count on how many are allowed in a day for any “Normal” human being? I sometimes, leave myself amazed with my own acts. You can presume I am shamelessly “complimenting” myself but even you won’t be able to resist yourself after reading the “Quality” of my goof ups for the day below-

1. After breakfast my mom asked to me prepare some ginger tea when I was sincerely reading some post. I also needed a cup of tea badly and thus forced myself to the kitchen half interested. I kept the tea to boil and resumed my task forgetting about the tea. In the meanwhile my mom decided to get a quick nap till the tea gets ready. After some 10 mins my mom inquired if it was ready and I ran to the kitchen realizing my forgetfulness. Thankfully it wasn’t too late and I thanked almighty she woke up to remind me. But hei wait. Why has the tea not developed any color yet? Why does it look so white still?

An inner voice shouted from somewhere- “Idiot!! who will add the tea leaf?”

2. Again I simply logged in to my official mails to check if there is anything important. I saw a mail addressed to me whose content said “Please check my latest post”. I immediately clicked on the link, read the post, left a comment and sent the reply to the same mail only to receive an undeliverable message. I then checked the name of the sender and it read “Admin Blogs”. I felt thankful that the mail reply to this address doesn’t get delivered to the entire admin team. Had it been…. uff I don’t even want to imagine the embarrassment.

Again the inner voice shouted- “Idiot!! who will check the sender name when you receive a mail?”

3. Time to cook dinner. And I was so confused about what to cook. After a lot of battle between options available I decided to try something new as my eyes fell over some paneer lying in fridge. I cut the onions, tomato, boiled potatoes, fried onion-ginger-bla bla, and… added the potato/tomato/paneer/what ever lay in front of my eyes, not following what I should do first and what is supposed to be added next.

And the outcome… It was the most horrible panner-butter-masala I have ever had.

And the voice screamed again and this time I knew from where- ” There is less tomato is this.. It doesn’t tastes too good. Didi what did you try making actually? Why is it so horrible?”

And I quietly replied- “I goofed up the whole procedure absent minded.”

Well that was the last goof up for the day. At least I think so as I have decided to retire to bed before I goof up something else. But its perfectly normal. Isn’t it?

Battle of Dreams & Life

October 17, 2011 12 comments

15 minutes and the Train would depart from Chennai, leaving me behind on the station with an unconfirmed e-ticket in hand. Hell, it took me days together to convince mom. I wanted to join IIT and Kota was the place that could teach me how to win the race. I couldn’t let my dreams shatter even before I lay its foundation.I ran with my luggage to the general compartment of JP Madras Express. The train hustled and thus began the journey towards my dream. In my 17 years of life, this was the 1st time I was doing a long distance journey all alone and that too in the general compartment. I would be lying if I say I wasn’t scared but I definitely had no clue of what lay in store for me.

The boggie was unlikely crowded. Though it was a Women compartment, I could see few men, sitting authoritatively. Thanks to their wives. My gaze slipped to a middle aged man smoking near the door. He looked at me and suddenly I could feel my body shiver under his gaze. Thankfully a lady cop came to rescue and she charged all the men out of compartment.

Next to me sat a Muslim gal in Burqa.She wore a heavy make up and was little plump. I was surprised to know that she was hardly 19 and has 2 kids. She got married after she completed her 10th.

The train halted in some station. A lady, challenged with one leg, entered the compartment with her son. He sat opposite to me. His innocence was clearly seen on his face. He asked something to his mom and she refused. In anger he abused her, calling her bad names. Everyone else in the compartment shocked at this behavior said looking at his mom, “It’s better not to have a child than having one of this kind.” She broke into tears. He asked her again and she refused. Finally threatening her he said, “If you don’t give me, I will sit in the same platform and beg.”  The lady gave up and handed him some coins from a small purse.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. The kid hardly seemed to be 10 or 12 years old. He read my mental status and asked-

“Where are you going?”
“Kota”- I said still in shock.
“For the training right?”
“500Km more” he said peeping out of the window.
“I have heard about the institutes there. Which one are you joining?”
“Which standard are you in?”
“I am studying in 5th standard.”- he replied with a childish smile.
“You must be a bright student.” I said smiling at his innocent face.
“Yeah, but what’s the use? I will quit after 10th to earn bread for my family.”

I didn’t have to ask anything else. The reason was understood. I suddenly felt my heart heavy. Not knowing how to respond, I just gave him a meek smile and shifted my gaze outside the window. I suddenly felt so fortunate enough to be able to pursue my dreams, and thanked my parents inside my mind, for letting me walk towards it.

I tore a paper from my diary and scribbled my email id on it.
“Hei, keep this. Today I can’t help you. But when you are in 10th I definitely will be able to. Drop me a mail.”

There are many students in our country who quit their studies as their parents can’t afford it anymore and besides it seems time for them to be the earning hand. Help them in what ever way you can. 🙂

Simple Recipe-for a delicious Saturday- Shahi Paratha

October 15, 2011 4 comments

To make your Saturday even more delicious here is a simple recipe of yummyy  Shahi Paratha. 😀
Quite simple to make, not much ingredients required and tastes simply delicious. What more one needs for a lazy day? 😉

Here I go- Below ingredients will be more than sufficient for  2 members.

Cucumber- 1
Onion- 1
Tomato- 1
Carrot- 1
Chili- 2
Fresh Cream/Malai- 50 gms
(Boil the milk and store it in fridge over night. Morning remove the thick creamy layer and keep it separately.)
Tomato Sauce- 2 big Teaspoons
Raisins- 1 big Teaspoon
Curd- 1 bowl
Salt- 1/3rd teaspoon
Maida- 100 gms
Cashew- chopped, 1 big Teaspoon
and Coriander Leaf

1. Kneed the maida in night using ONLY the curd. Add pinch of salt as per taste. You can add black seeds(Mangrela) & thymol seeds(Ajwain) while kneeding for taste. Wrap it in a polythene cover and store in fridge.

2. Morning, chop the Cucumber/Tomato/Onion/Carrot/Chili in very small pieces. Mix everything together, add the chopped cashew and resins to it.

3. Mix the fresh cream and sauce together.

4. Make small balls of the maida and roll it very thin.

5. Put it on tava and cook for sometime. Then turn it and add oil over it. Let the other side get cooked. Then turn it again and put a layer of the cream-sauce nicely.

Sprinkle the vegetable mixture over it just at the center, as shown below-

And then fold it like dosa and cook for sometime to make it crispy. It will look like show below-

Now the Shahi Paratha is ready to to feed your growling tummy 😀

[Meme]~ABC’s of My Life :)

October 11, 2011 5 comments

MEME time again. 😀   And this time it has been kick started by Megz in an attempt to get to know the ABCs of our lives. I was tagged by Sree and here I go with the ABCs of my LIFE. 😀

A – Age: I refused to grow up after 16 (mentally 😛 ).

B – Books: Just finished reading “The (In)eligible Bachelors”.  And this is my 1st book that I read in one day at one stretch 😀

C – Current crush: 🙄 Would have named Farhan but then I don’t think he is a crush. It’s just sort of liking. 😛

D – Dance form: Free Jump Style 😛

E – Essential start your day item: Tying my hair. I can’t do anything untill I have tied my hair.

F – Favorite color: Red, Blue.

G – Gold or Silver: Gold for earring and Silver for LegChain(Anklet) 😛

H – Height: 5’3” almost 😛

I – I am: I am a good gal. 😀  😀

J – Job: Testing. 😉

K – Kids: I love to talk to the kids between 3-9 months when they talk just with their eyes and actions. Bigger kids… I love to play with them. 😀 And yeah love it when they kiss me. 😛

L – Latest Addiction: Disturbing People. 😛

M – Memorable Moment: My promotion. Morning the moment I reached office many of my batch mates pinged asking if I too got the promotion. That is when I came to know I am actually eligible for one. 😛 I was boiling with anger and already scolding my manager inside my mind for not informing about the same and infact pinged him saying I want to talk to him and its urgent. 😛 LUCKILY he was held up and said he will get back to me in some time. In another half an hour I received the mail that I have been promoted. Then i sang praises of him, this time not inside my mind. 😛

N – Nicknames: I think now I have a name starting with all the alphabets from A to Z. Ok this was little exagerating but I have too many nick-names which  I definitely can’t list out here. 😛 And the count being high for the names with letter “C”. 😐

O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Nope..  I hate the smell of hospitals. The medicinal smell of doctors.

P – Pet Peeve: LIES… How so ever bad/blunt/rude i prefer THE TRUTH. And I hate it when I see people lying to me.

Q – Quote from a movie: Can’t think of one right now. 😐

R – Right or left handed: I can try writing with both the hands 😛 but Right handed.

S – Sports – I love to play anything and everything. 😀  Don’t ask me how good I am at any of it.

T – Time you wake up: 6:30/7/7:30/ and finally leave the bed at 7:45 😀

U- Ugliness meter – Ask the mirror.

V – Vegetable you dislike: Nothing…

W – Ways you run late: I don’t need ways to run late. I have now understood that how so ever hard I try to be on time, I am destined to be late. Always.

X – X-rays you’ve had: Hmm I don’t think I have ever had a X-ray. 🙄

Y – Yummy food you make: Anything I make turns out Yummyyy. 😛

Z – Zzzzz times –Mostly between 12 AM to 1 AM.

So this is the ABC of my life…. Quite simple I guess. I here by tag Bikram to take the meme forward 🙂

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Wake me up when..

October 1, 2011 6 comments

It’s been long but I still remember
Our last meet in the month of September
I had thought I will never see you again
And walking towards you now is such a pain

Looking at you standing at the door
I see you where I left you before
The sleepless nights we spent together
Lying beside looking at each other

My fiddling with your perfect contour
Now everything seems like the days of yore
Sitting together under dim lamp light
Working hard before we kiss good night
Embracing you tight between the brawn
And falling asleep only at the break of dawn

After all efforts I still stand a loser
Clueless again and everything’s bouncer
My heart pleads just for one last favor
Wake me up when exams are over

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