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[Book Review]~Conversations

The moment I opened the book the first thing to catch my eye was “Dear BlogAdda Member, Have some Conversations of your own”. I did not understand much at that time and didn’t even try to as we do with many other questions that crop up in our mind and just gets ignored. As I read the stories, and the enlightening poems, I knew I was having “Some Conversations of my own”, with my self.

I am not going to talk about the author and his life as the book will tell you all. And by the time you finish the book you will know that this middle aged man strongly believes in how God is not responsible for what is happening with us and how every moment of life is to be cherished.

Conversations- The book is as unique as its title suggest. I prefer to call “Conversations” a book rather than novel for its introspective collection of stories and invigorating poems. Stories that everyone of us can relate to and poems that stirs your thoughts and perspective towards life. Every story has a theme, a lesson for us to learn from the experiences of characters in the story. Every story in “Conversations” tries to challenge the common perspective of every individual which we would have just accepted as a matter of fact by throwing at us the simple but right questions. The book talks about love. relationships. life, ambitions, dreams, GOD and emotions. The powerful impressive quotes and the simple questions Rajeev has used to provide the answers for difficult questions of life, is what I loved the most about the book.

The nuances of life, complexity of relationships, confusions of dreams, prejudices in beliefs and simplicity of truth, Rajeev has tried questioning and searching(giving) an answer for the questions that we all carry in our minds through his stories, through the experience of his life and life of people around. The message conveyed makes us think & analyze our own perspectives. Many a times while reading a story in the book, I got the urge to discuss what is written with my friends and know, what they feel about it. And before moving to the next story I had an introspective discussion with my friend and come to a conclusion mutually.

My favorite story in Conversations is “Four Eulogies”. It talks about dreams, ambitions, society, awakening, value of love & relationships, truth, importance of standing strongly by your beliefs, Role of people in your life, and dying a glorious death. The story is of a successful man, the impression he left on people around him, his family members and friends cz of his values and beliefs. Suzy was the inspiration who made him run the race of life faster at an age where people prefer to slow down and he called his extra marital affair with her as “Awakening”.

I can’t resist sharing some of my favorite quotes from the stories.

-“To be in love is to be inspired.” – Four Eulogies 

“Remember, dreams are extremely fragile. IF you break one, its splinters will always be in your heart reminding you of the broken promise and betrayal”– Splinters

“The day we stop expecting more from each other we put a stop to the growth of that relationship.” – Snowstorm

“Being happy is different from being content. I believe in the progression of life.” – Snowstorm

“Women have a sixth sense. We not only know who is watching us, we also sense the feelings behind those eyes.” – Snowstorm

“The closest analogy I can give for marriage is that its a three-legged race in which partner have one leg tied to each other. You need to keep pace with each other.” – Snowstorm

-“Have a brutal and uncompromising attitude towards life” – Four Eulogies 

“Your body is your soul’s temple and you only share it with someone whom you trust and love deeply. Maintaining the sanctity of this temple is your responsibility.” – Four Eulogies

“To err is human. But if you run out of the eraser before you run out of the lead in your pencil, you are taking it a little too far” – Four Eulogies

“The most difficult thing to do is to speak the truth and listen to the truth about oneself.” – The truth Club

There were many more but I will leave with this list. 🙂

Also I would like to mention few lines from a poem “Darkness” that touched me the most-

A hearse carries a body
What carries a dead soul?
The world mourns a dead person
Who mourns a dead hope?

A wreath decorates a dead body
What decorates a dead spirit?
If the spirit dies before the body
What carries the Death with it?

Read the book and see what Conversations you have 🙂

Note: Well a review cannot be complete without a complete feedback. Some stories like “The Rabbit Hole”, I felt the plot to be very weak and author not sure of how he wanted to end it. May be the confusion of how it should have ended as I found many dialogues for the same character contradicting at many places.
Then the horrible typos at various places which could have been avoided. “The Truth Club”, the story seems to be weak here too with weak character description. Some characters simply disappeared and some had no role at all. Also the end, was too lame and I felt the story was exaggerated to just let the three characters vent their suffering.

Overall, it was a nice read and the book could be read in between your any work without having to feel too addicted to it. 🙂

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  1. October 31, 2011 at 9:47 am

    Hmmm I will surly try to get hold of the book ..

    I am stil lwaiting for mine ot come its been a month …

    • October 31, 2011 at 3:55 pm

      oh which book?? usually it doesn’t takes that much time.

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