Aaradhna- As I See

Aaradhna is not what i was named, it’s the name i chose. Not cz i hate mine 😉 . The name is given to my thoughts, my dreams, the world of mine that i secretly envy n wish.

It’s our life, and we have all rights to live it the way wish. Enjoy every moment to ur best and have no griefs. Live the today, tomorrow will be your’s.

You kill a moment, no money

but a moment of ur life lost.

None regrets none complains,

But you should be bothered

loosing the moment in vain.

as, it will never turn back.

Life is a roller-coaster

scares us the more v r scared

and is full of fun, if u dare.

Enjoy the down’s as the up’s

ooh the ride will be the one

you will never forget.

Aaradhna will be  there tickling your thoughts when ever in need 😀

It’s the illusionary vision of my Dreamworld as i SEE 😉

  1. Jermaine Tienken
    January 23, 2011 at 7:51 pm

    Perfect just what I was searching for! .

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