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The Unsaid- II

As she wept sitting on the stairs, it seemed to her like yesterday when she met him-

The reverberating sound of the claps reechoed like a thunder in the theatre and her eyes moist for the success of the show, as she watched the crowd clap from behind the curtains. Her efforts were rewarded.

It was her first script and thanks to Mr. Srinivas who runs the theatre, for giving her the opportunity. Apart from script, she did the direction too and so was she in double delight.

As she walked out of the theatre, smiling to herself for the huge success –

“Hei! That was an awesome script. I totally loved playing it.”

Scared by the sudden masculine voice she turns and finds a tall man, with long hair till the tip of his ears, an average build and a charming smile that hid behind his French beard, standing behind. He looked as though he hadn’t shaven or trimmed his hair since months.

“Oh! You almost scared me to death! BTW thanks.”

“I’m so sorry for that. I didn’t mean to intrude in your rejoice but,,,,,,,, btw I am Harsh” he said smiling with his hand stretched out.

“I am Ana” she said taking his hand.

“I know, Srinivas uncle told me about you. So, when will the rehearsals start for the next show?” he asked walking down the stairs of theatre, along with her.

“I am still working on it. Perhaps I will complete it in another week, as per the deadline given by Mr. Srinivas.”

“I am in India for another few months and before I sail back in the arms of my love, My Sea,” he said pausing, turning towards her, and then continued walking down.

“I want to give another try to my acting skill. Besides, it’s fun to act.”

“See you next week in rehearsals then”. They bid farewell to each other smilingly.

After a week, in the theatre-

Ok guys! I hope the characters and the dialogues are clear to everyone. Let’s start the rehearsal after the lunch.”

She sat on a table of four alone, thinking something and staring at the food kept in front of her.

“Mind my company?” Harsh asked with his usual charming smile.

“Hei! not at all. Is this your usual habit to catch people only when they are lost in themselves?” She grinned meekly while he sat on the chair.

“Not everyone, but yeah I do love to intrude in the thoughts of pretty gals” he smirked looking at her with a sarcastic smile.

“Is this also one of your talents? Btw thanks for the compliment.” She said returning the gestures.

“You are lil way smarter than I evaluated you. And black compliments you well” he winked at her.

“Evaluated me? haha take your time in calculations Mr. and, thanks again.”

“Let’s leave. It’s already late and I don want to be late for the 1st rehearsal itself.” She said getting up from the chair.

The rehearsal started and as she spoke to the crowd, Harsh did nothing but just look at her. She had already occupied his mind.

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June 11, 2010 1 comment

I kno by this time you would got tired of my 55-fictions on flies/cockroaches/ etc etc 😛 . Eeh don’t get scared before reading itself. It’s not on any animal/insect. Finally i have come up with something to call humane 😀 .

Two in English and one in hindi with translation 🙂 . Lemme know how humane it is 😛 .

The Upshot                                          

The pervert youth of today know no shame

Hiding behind the darkness of night

Play the obscene games

Remarked the lady, talking to her friend

Walking down the street, night at ten

Looking at a pair, standing beside a tree

Hands clasped together, face unseen

She neared, and then,

“Hei bro!!! even Mom is here!!”


How is it possible? No,,,,, I was careful enough.

This can’t be true. It wasn’t the first time I,,,,,,,,,,

No,,,,,, It just can’t happen.

Are you sure?

Yes! The reports are clear.

Oh! What will I answer everyone?

How will I face them? Will they forgive me?

And the tester cried for missing the bug 😛

Mai or Wo

Dekh raha tha mai use door se

Chali aa rahi thi wo meri or dagmagaate hue

Liya tha dil mera jiske noor ne,

Thi wo khadi aaj mere saamne muskaan liye

Pass aakr jab poocha usne, kaha kho gaye?

Thaamte hue use mai bola,

Ohh haseen,

Saath me bhi tu, solah se jaada lagti nahi 😀


Me And She

I was seeing her from a distance

She was walking towards me, staggering

The beauty that stole my heart once

Stood in front of my eyes, smiling

Nearing me when she asked,

Where are you lost?

Catching her hand I said,

Oh beautiful!

At the age of sixty also you don’t look more than sixteen 😀

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Intezaar me baitha  tha wo palke bichaaye

Aayegi wo milne usse baahe failaaye

Chu kar badan ko iske jab karegi wo ishaare

Bheeg jayega prem me uske apna dil hare

Karega shikayat, kitni der ki aane me


Bewafa wo aayi bhi to iske jaane par

Shehar se nikla wo or barsi wo jhum kar!!

Translation- In English it’s impossible to get it the way it’s in Hindi 😦 still giving the literal translation.


Eyes hooked on the ways

He was waiting for her,

That she will come with open arms.

Brushing his body when she will make the gestures,

Getting drenched in love he will loose his heart.

He will complain “you delayed”,


Disloyal she, came after he was gone,

He left the city and it rained!

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The unsaid!!

Clock strikes 4 in morning and she wakes up, wakes up as she hears some one calling her, someone very close to her heart.

“I feel I’m going to hear him today,,,, somewhere, somehow, but how…. it’s been almost 5 months now……”

Restlessly she started walking around her room, suddenly looking out of the window, checking her cell, and glancing through her mailbox.

Her cell rings, it’s 5 in the morning, it’s him. Her joy knew no bounds, heart started pounding double the rate and the tear of joy makes her voice heavy.

“Hi Ana! How are you?”

“I knew you must be awake.”

“Called you to inform that……… I am leaving today. My flight is at 10 AM, &………. informing you, as you asked me to.”

The words were sounding to her like the percussion & the excitement seemed to be taken over by the dismay.

“Hmm Ana! You there? I have planned for a long sail this time. I dono when I will be back. I have no idea.”

She feels the pain deep inside, as though someone is snatching away a part of her forcefully.

With heavy voice as tears rolled down her eyes “Harsh!…..can we meet?”

“Hmm see you outside the theatre at 8. Coming there to meet others too”

For the first time she is on time to the theatre, infact far before the time, it’s just 7. She sits on the big stair outside the theatre, stretched through the width, eyes hooked up on the way….

Slowly other people started crowding the place and sat before her, a few steps down, and some besides her at some distance.

He arrives at 7:45 and the crowd rushes to welcome him with a warm hug. While everyone is wishing him a safe journey and giving the best wishes for future, gifting him, she is standing at the same place where she sat, constantly just staring at him, locking and unlocking her fingers. He looks towards her still indulged with the crowd, thanking them for the wishes and for their coming.

After meeting everyone he walks over to her-

“When will you be back?”

“I dono. I haven’t planned anything yet.”

He looks into her eyes and there was a complete silence ………………

“I will miss you Harsh” she ran towards him and locked him around her arms tightly. The tears she held for so long betrayed her at the moment and rolled down her already swollen eyes. He feels the love in her for himself, for the first time .

“I will really miss you so much…………”

He smiles gaily & with bedewed eyes, gently wiping off her tears “Hei,,,,,stop crying like a kid.”

“You have your Boss with you, you won’t miss me”

“Shuttt Uppp”

“ihihihihi ok then therez one way out”, smiling sarcastically.

Suddenly pulling him away and moving a few steps back, “And what’s that?”

He walks closer to her, looking into her big brown eyes “Marry me!!”

They were looking into each other’s eyes synchronized and then she, suddenly zapped back, taking her eyes away from him “Do mail me,,,,,,,,,,,, keep in touch where ever you go.”

His loving and caring look suddenly turns to a disgust. Antipathetic he looks at her and she, avoiding his every stare, looking the other side, hiding her dabbling eyes sniffs, “Stay in touch…”

One last look towards her, he turns, and leaves the place without saying anything …….and she stood there helplessly crying, looking at him, still walking away from her .

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{55-Fiction}-Chalo bhaag chale!!- Let’s flee away!!

Chalo bhaag chale!!

Jaldi karo, koi dekh lega

Pakde gaye to jaan se jayenge

Are tu darti kyu hai? “Mai hu na”!!

Dekho wo is taraf hi aa raha hai

Shayad use pata chal gaya

Rasgulle chodo or bhaago jaldi

Aadmi isse pehle ki unhe pakad paata

Dono Makhia ek duje ka haath pakde

Khushi khushi ud gaye 😀

Let’s flee away!!

Make it fast, somebody will see us

If we are caught, we may loose our lives

“Why are you scared when I am there”!!

See, he is coming this way only

Perhaps he has come to know

Leave the sweets and run fast

Before the man could catch them

the two flies flew away happily 😀

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{55-Fiction}- Last spell

Oh lady, thanks for the murderous spell

Had I seen this world with your eyes,

It wouldn’t have been less than hell!

For you want a baby boy

Arrival of me, gives you no joy

I’m lucky not to be born as your child

The baby in the womb laughed aloud

and then, silently cried!!

Yup! Like all my other posts, this too is an inspired one. It was born out of a conversation overheard between two colleagues. There was some serious discussion happening between the two and I was seated just beside them. I was stunned with what I heard and couldn’t believe my ears on how the so called honorable literates give excuses for their atrocious iniquitous acts. And above all they neither have any regrets nor do feel shameful following the vile practices.

One lady among the two was enquiring about a doc who can diagnose her and tell whether “It’s a boy or a gal”. She wanted to abort the baby if it’s an “unwanted gal” stating the reason- “As our monthly income amounts to ONLY 1 lakh, we aren’t capable of bringing up another gal child.” (She has a gal child already). To my dismay that one lakh seemed sufficient for her to bring up the baby boy. I really don’t understand what difference it makes or whether a gal child demands more food/money as compared to the boy child, God only can answer this. How can a mother be so amoral and a gory figure?

I never knew, until I saw her that people still exist amongst us with such cheap mentality when we have left behind all those orthodox thinking decades back. Heaven’s sake, dono when people gonna change.

That moment I really felt blessed to have born to a mother who has never complained bringing 4 of us (all gal children) with the mere pension she received, and had never made us feel “Why aren’t we THE BOYS.

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{55-Fiction}-That’s not me!!

Here is another trial on 55-fiction.. Ok don gimme that stare 😛 I know I seem to be bugged with this 55-fiction 😛 hmm still I hope you will enjoy reading them 😀 .


His face was so pale. He was sweating profusely,

extremely disturbed and lost. Wrinkles of disturbed

nerves were clearly seen on his forehead. 

 I asked, what happened? He replied- “My ex GF is pregnant!!”.


I stood stunned with my eyes wide open.

Then he said“Hei I didn’t do anything! She got married last year!!”

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{55-Fiction}- Caught red handed

There was a fiction written by my friend Pri that she wanted to change into 55-words fiction. Here is my try on the same 😀 .

PS: It was originally written by Pri, i have just tried converting her fiction into 55-words.

Seated beside my love unable to concentrate, saw a familiar dark shadow of the gal, hidden by a guy. Her red kerchief fell, she hurried picking it off. I rushed home in auto, opened my sis purse for change, the same red kerchief, “Red handed I was caught” or “We were caught”. We just smiled.

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{55- Fiction}- Dark Night

Peeping through the window, hiding herself in the dark room from the sight of the demons roaming in light, she tells “It’s not safe to date now, let’s wait till it gets dark even outside”. Holding her hand, looking into her beautiful eyes he says “I will wait” then the twosome cockroaches embrace each other 😀 .

How was that?? 😀 Do lemme know your comments :mrgreen:

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In search of THE END

I was informed of a contest by SrEe where in we are provided with the start of a story and we got to end it our way. And so is the title of this post 😉 .The contest ended yesterday 😛 but here i am with my entries to the contest. Oh don’t be so disheartened thinking i missed it, cz i have already sent it 😛 .

Here goes the start-

It was raining heavily, pouring down, a welcome respite from the heat of the past week. Huddled under the small over-crowded bus stand, I was waiting for the rain to let up so I could walk back from work, when suddenly, out of nowhere, she came walking towards me, and then……

1. It was raining heavily, pouring down, a welcome respite from the heat of the past week. Huddled under the small over-crowded bus stand, I was waiting for the rain to let up so I could walk back from work, when suddenly, out of nowhere, she came walking towards me, and then…… “Surpriseddddddddd? Now tide White only in 11Rs”.


2. It was raining heavily, pouring down, a welcome respite from the heat of the past week. Huddled under the small over-crowded bus stand, I was waiting for the rain to let up so I could walk back from work, when suddenly, out of nowhere, she came walking towards me, and then……a thundering sound of slap left my 3 year old ears deaf and a familiar voice echoed-“Idiot today also you peed on the bed”.


3. It was raining heavily, pouring down, a welcome respite from the heat of the past week. Huddled under the small over-crowded bus stand, I was waiting for the rain to let up so I could walk back from work, when suddenly, out of nowhere, she came walking towards me, and then……I kept staring at her not even winking while she wiped off the rain drops on my face and was trying to dry my wet hair with the end of her plain Saree. Then her heavenly voice murmured “Still your acts are of an insouciant kid. When are you gonna grow up? See how badly drenched you are. If I wouldn’t have been on time, definitely you would have got cold.”The moment I was about to reply her,,,,,,, the conductor whistled. I turned back and saw the bus was standing, then I turned to her and found,,,,,,,, I was standing there alone.

How was it?? 😀

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