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Wake me up when..

October 1, 2011 6 comments

It’s been long but I still remember
Our last meet in the month of September
I had thought I will never see you again
And walking towards you now is such a pain

Looking at you standing at the door
I see you where I left you before
The sleepless nights we spent together
Lying beside looking at each other

My fiddling with your perfect contour
Now everything seems like the days of yore
Sitting together under dim lamp light
Working hard before we kiss good night
Embracing you tight between the brawn
And falling asleep only at the break of dawn

After all efforts I still stand a loser
Clueless again and everything’s bouncer
My heart pleads just for one last favor
Wake me up when exams are over

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A vampire, An Angel & a Love Story :)

September 22, 2011 Leave a comment

My Sincere thanks to Raji for reviewing it. 🙂

Warning: I am not a poet and this is a poem. 😛 Atleast I call it one. I started it with full enthusiasm but mid way got lost somewhere and couldn’t finish properly. 😐 Some may say its a scary story like they told about my previous poems-

1. Ways and She

2. Aberrant thoughts

But like my all other poems even this isn’t a scary one 😀 . Just a simple yet tragic love story of A  Vampire and an Angel. Weak Hearted MUST read the poem. Strong Hearted will anyway have to read it.

A vampire, An Angel & a Love Story

Dark wood and the blue sea
Crescent moon shining above dimly
Fluttering white pearl like feathers
Clad in red bedizen came down an angel

In welcome hooted the owls in unison
“Welcome O Angel, Welcome O Angel”

She walked from a tree to another
Her dainty smile spreading lavender
Enticed by the aromatic smell
Followed the fragrance, a Vampire

As she walked and neared the sea
Approaching waves surged in glee
Taking promenade along the shore
Angelic foot print made the sand lure

She paused and turned,
With every step heading close to her
He realized 24 hours been like years
Holding her hand he then whispered
“Love you Angel”!!

Flashed like a dagger, lightning
Still turned the waves and wind
Instantly blue changed her wings
And then,
Roared a voice from the sky
Trembling in fear the clouds passing by
Pulling the vampire into darkness above
Spelled a curse on the Angel

As Dark swallowed his last presence
He said, don’t shed tears my angel,
We will meet again!!

Dark wood and the blue sea
Crescent moon shining above dimly
Taking promenade along the shore
People still hear cries of Angel & Vampire!!

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Together on F’Ship

August 7, 2010 2 comments

How can the friendship week just go without my dedication to that one friend who has always stood by me, what so ever side of life the coin was facing 😉 .

Long Long ago once upon a time

In the holy world “HE” committed a crime

His fate doomed with no way to flee

As HE ended up befriending “ME” 😛

Mentor, teacher, guide and a friend22255_1316092388829_1426304724_861222_4045297_n.jpg

Many times even a technical helpdesk

HIS role changed as per MY need

No sooner HIS life was a mess indeed 😛

Till now it was just the trailer of the show

While the movie had its own way to go

Just drop a message whenever in need

Thanks to the negative balance I keep 😛

Call for treats and never pay the bills

Always order and scream like an elder SIS

Often fight and then don’t talk for months

Still when meet it’s like nothing has happened

The one person whom any moment I approach

Unconditionally helps and never says a NO 🙂

I know I can never thank you buddy in any way

Just wanted to wish you Happy Friendship Day!!! 😀

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{Father’s Day}- I do Remember!!

I know i’m very late in posting this. But finally i completed something to present to my Dad and as it’s never late to tell the one you love how much you love and miss them in their absence, here is an ode to my Daddy 🙂 .

Before the dawn break, early morning

Wiping the watery chin on our cheeks after shaving

Humming that same song and shaking of legs

I do remember you making faces as well 🙂

The morning jogs and those endless talks

On the concrete roads the bare foot walks

We staying awake on those Saturday nights

The shouting of mum for our loud cries

On rainy days sipping the ginger tea

Watching the lightning and narrating the stories

After drizzle enjoying the bliss of wet sand

I do remember us cooking on weekends 🙂

For those frivolous fights with mum, we, the team

Those games of chess and ludo seems a dream

When away from home for treatment or on TD

I do remember you writing some letters Daddy 🙂

But as destiny had its own role to play

To meet grandma you left home that day

I don’t remember you coming back home

I don’t remember where you were gone

Reading those letters today again Dad

The beautiful memories just flashed

Don’t you worry, we are happy and fine

But yeah, we do miss you sometimes 🙂

Happy Father’s day Papa 🙂

NOTE: TD is a reference to courses Men go for in Air force.

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Insanity with Rain ;)

June 21, 2010 2 comments

For the first time i think i have written something happy 😀  Thanks to SrEe for the plot.

Lemme know how it came up 🙂

Standing ablaze at the result

Eyes glistening in dumbfoundment

Rein of joy running through the veins

Bedewed the eyes, tear of jubilance!!

Hopping, stumbling, strutting vehemently

Walked out smiling exultantly

Tuning to the tunes of my Joy

It then rained from the azure sky!!

Humming a song in my ears

Embracing with it’s fondle touch

I welcomed it in with open arms

Shaking my leg to the Jazz

Getting drenched with its every caress

It sounded Congrats Congrats Congrats!!!!

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Self Betrayal

June 20, 2010 4 comments

Well i don’t even remember when i started this poem. Today while cleaning my folder found it lying somewhere incomplete. Hmm and finally i completed it today 😀 .

Walked once, Hand in hand

Stand today, estranged

Understood once, the reticent thoughts

Today misconstrue, even a simple talk

Enraged over the dying ties,

Decided to bid Good Bye

Erased the memories, inurn the feel

Burnt the images, framed within

Thinking it would, set me free

From the shackles, of “history”


Hearing suddenly, the familiar voice

I turned and saw the extant ashes

Shaping up into, beautiful images

Well aware, shattered I will be

Stifle the desires, to self I plea

And again,

Self betrayal is what I gained!!!

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Let me leave ;)- cocktail

Ok here is another poetic cocktail from SrEe and Me, and this time with lil bit of fun between a manager and his employee whoz actually a couple. We have tried to bring out their professional+non-professional 😛 conversation. Hope you enjoy reading 🙂 . And do lemme know what you understood from the poem? What the talk is all about ? And where it is professional and where non-professional and where both 😛 I know it ‘s not that difficult to find. Do lemme know.  And yeah as we dono which one is written completely by whom, I’m not telling what he wrote and what did I 😉 . May be you can tell if you can distinguish 😀 .

But ya honestly telling most of it was given the final touch by him, i just tried to cope up with him 😀

Here it goes-

Uss cabin main baitke, how will he know my pain?

Abhi toh jaake aayi maike, hmm…how to ask again?

Kuch toh sochna padega, have to make him approve my leave…

Afterall, I’ve had a successful delivery and been so productive…

“Excuse me Kunal, can you spare two mins of your time?”

Yeah Sonia, temme how did you drop in?”

Kuch nahi…I had to ask you something very important”

“Go ahead if it’s not what we already discussed last night”

Ye sudhrega nahi…”Well…I need a week’s leave to attend a family function…

You know its importance, so kindly give me permission”

Ye samjhti kyu nahi…”Being a responsible resource, how could you not understand…

You have just had a trip recently, and fir janaa hai tumhe?

Samjhta kya hai…”Kunal, please try to understand. It’s just the matter of a week…

But if you still don’t agree to approve, I’ll have to call-in sick”

Sick?? Very daring!!! “Par tu chali jayegi toh, who will look after our deliverables?

Err..beating aound bush…”Uski chinta nahi, I know it will be taken care off”

She knows??!! “But think, how will I manage? I don’t even have a back up of your’s!!

Huh, he wants a back up!! “Errr…for a week’s leave, do I need to make such a sacrifice? :x

Ye to maanegi nahi huh…”Theek hai…I will approve. Do I have no other choice?”

Err…emotional attack…”Ok boss…see you when am back, its now the time to rejoice!!

Kaisi aurat hai…too much…”Ok then, bye Sonia…see you at sharp nine”

Kaisa aadmi hey…chanceless…”Bye Kunal….and thanks, for your time”

Mere cabin ke baahar baitke, how will she know my pain?

Abhi to jaake aayi maike, hmm…how can I let her go again?

Sochna kuch nahi, ab even I will also apply for leave…

Afterall, I’ve to take the responsibility and be adjustive…

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Wo barsaat motio ki

Here is another cocktail poem from Umair and me. Yeah I know I cant stand in front of his poetic flare but then there is nothing wrong in giving it a try right 😉 . It’s different that I forced him to do it with me 😛 .

Dono how far I was successful to give it a “Chalk weds Cheese” theme but yeah it was fun trying it out.

Initially though I wrote it to compile with SrEe but then It proved to be a total goof up that I had to change everything 😀 .

And so now as you know the history of the birth of the poem 😛 and if I have done enough of bak-bak 😛 do read the poem and lemme know if I could make make up atleasttttttt 1 % of what he has written 😀 .

BTW I don’t think I need to tell which one is written by me and which one by him 🙄 , if you are confused,, hmm you read and lemme know who wrote what 😉 .

Here we go-

Wo barsaat motio ki

Sahil hu mai or dariya tum,fir bhi,

Man kyu mile hai aise, jase, milta hai kshitij ,

Teri ek aah par, chalakte hai moti mere,

Muskurahat se teri, khil jaati hai muskaan meri,

Ye khaamoshi bhi teri, karti hai, baate mujhse,

Nazre churane lagi hu ab, kyu mai khud se,

Nishabd hui aaj fir mai, tere ehsaaas me,

Tum hi bolo kaise, Ise dhaalu mai alfaaz me?

Haan Bikhri hui ret pe beth k maine,

Har jagah bass tera naam likhaa tha,

K lehar ne aa k har baar,

Pani se us naam ko pakra tha.

Mai madhosh thi un Alfaaz k nashe me,

Socha bhi na ki mitti k Gharonda,

Too jata hai paani par k.

Jab dhundna chaha maine tere us naam ko,

Shayad, bahut dair ho chali thi,

Par thi mere chehre pe,

Barish ki kuch Boondein,

K shayad, aasman ne bhi socha,

Meraa saath dena barasne me.

Hope you enjoyed reading it . Dono about you , but after the completion i really enjoyed reading it again & again.

Thanks Umair 😀 Just Loved it 🙂

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Ways and She

April 5, 2010 1 comment

Desolated roads
Shrunken She
Bright sun
hovered by clouds
Standing solely
amidst the crowd
on secluded ground.
Clutter within, but
stillness around.
Misleading ways
And quiescent She,
lost on crossroads,
Bemused n wondering
Where to head on??

Hovered- Covered
Clutter- Confused noise
Quiescent- Still and inactive

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Aberrant thoughts

March 24, 2010 1 comment

Silently blowing breeze

cold night,

defunct ambiance,

jangles inside,

abrupt doldrums,

Trickling tears

down the barren


Sensing occult

Hearing his voice

Turns around,

something passed by.

Heart throbbing,

hands freezing,

with trembling voice

Says she-“I know you’re there”

You can’t fool me!

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