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A Walk To Remember

February 15, 2018 6 comments

I read a very cute post from a very dear friend of mine and she inspired me to pen down my own story 🙂 

It was 2012. Me and my husband (then friend) were really good friends since 2010. We were working in same office and had same set of friends. We used to hang out for a while after office hours over half a cob of corn. Sometimes our other friends joined us, other times it was just the two of us chit-chatting under the star-lit-sky sharing our joys, issues, sibling-stories, mother-stories, defects he was working on, embarrassing-process-of-groom-hunt and so on. It had become a routine that we all looked forward to.

I was very sure I will have an arranged marriage. I used to assure my mom that she need not worry as people fell in love only in school and colleges and that after starting work we are pretty mature to get involved with anybody. Feeling challenged cupid must have struck me with it’s arrow that very moment I guess. 

One evening I was meeting a friend after office hours and thus had to skip our usual meet up. Upon knowing about the meet, he teased that I had a date with the friend. I retorted that going by the logic I have had many dates with him. He smiled. I asked him if he was jealous? And he accepted that he was. Not knowing what to say I just smiled back. He declared that I owe him a date. A proper one.  

So we planned our “official date” and met for a movie which was the safest option and didn’t invite too many questions from parents. After the movie he offered to walk me till the bus stop. While crossing the road our hands brushed and making use of the opportunity he held my hand. Not knowing what else to do, I just held his hand back tightly and we walked under the star-lit-sky silently. 🙂 

This was the story of my first “official” date. What’s yours? 🙂

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The Power Of Will

February 2, 2017 5 comments

While walking to office today my mind wandered to my school days. I have many fond memories of those innocent childhood days but there is just one that pricks me till date. The day I let myself down.

I was into sports. I wasn’t very good at it but my will power was very strong even back then and I ran on that. I used to run 100m, 400m, 800m and hurdles. There is a small story that I would like to share with you.

I was 13/14 year old, don’t remember the year exactly. We had gone to a different school for a couple of days to represent our school in sports. There was a pretty girl among the many students who travelled with me and a couple of my class mates. I was going to run 800m that day along with that pretty girl from my school. Before the run the guys from my class were cheering her. I felt really jealous and of course hurt. Well, its natural, isn’t it? On your mark, get set, Go! And we ran. The voice of my classmates shouting her name was reverberating in my ears and that hurt more than my feet which was already sore from running on the horrible black sand at noon time. I lost my will to complete the run. We had to do two rounds of the ground and I stopped after one. The pretty girl stopped too. The cheering of people didn’t help her. I guess we both didn’t have the will to do it.

I regret it till date. I know I could have completed the run and even won. If only I had not let my confidence be shaken by others. If only I had kept my will power up to finish what I started. If only I didn’t feel like a loser even before the run started. If only I believed in myself more than my care for what others thought. If there is one thing that I could change in my past, I would go back to that day and finish my run. I don’t care if I win or lose but I just want to finish the run. But (un?)fortunately we can’t change our past. We can only learn from it and try to not repeat the mistakes.

Living our life is same in many ways. We run everyday with others against others but as long as we believe in ourselves, keep up our will to achieve,  and not let our confidence be shaken by what others say/think, nothing can stop us from completing the run. Just don’t quit until you complete your run.

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10 things to do when it’s raining

December 10, 2014 Leave a comment

1. Call in sick to office.

2. Sleep until your stomach starts to growl and make sandwiches for breakfast. 😀 I usually don’t like sandwiches but rain makes it yummy.

3. Go to the terrace and get drenched. Because the whole world is busy in office nobody will be there to watch what stupid things you do. Just put on some music and shake a leg or two.

4. Do not forget to take a selfie. While it’s important to enjoy it’s also important to make your friends jealous. Why? Hihihi because it’s fun to tease them. 😀

5. Dry yourself and stay curled up in bed whole day with your favorite novel and a cup of hot chocolate. 😀

6. The perfect companion on a rainy evening is a nice cup of hot ginger tea and roasted corn/Pakodas. I personally prefer corn. 😀

7. If from pouring like cats and dogs it changes to mild drizzling, take your umbrella and go for a rain walk. Put on something that won’t get wet while walking on wet roads. Rain makes everything feel so fresh.

8. Grab an ice cream. Ice-creams are supposed to be a summer thing but I crave for it only during rains. 🙄 And the rain makes it all the more yummy. 😀

9. Make Maggie for dinner. It tastes extra yum with rain. Do not ask me for the logic but believe me.

10. Last but not the least, empathize with your friends who are in office and send them the pics of everything you are eating/drinking 😛

The Siblings Saga

November 18, 2014 2 comments

Siblings are a blessing. But having 3 sisters? You have no idea. Especially if you are the eldest one. You lose all the rights to choose anything first and all you get is what none of your younger siblings liked. As a kid anything I laid my hands on, had to be divided into 4 equal parts. They never needed a scale or measurement tape for that. Be it a simple Cadbury Éclairs or Maggie. And surprisingly Maggie tasted better then. So did all the chocolates. 

When I started working, every evening after I reached home they would search my handbag for chocolates. They knew if I got any from my team mates/friends/client visits, I wouldn’t eat it alone. I still can’t. 

Now 2 of my younger sisters stay in different cities and the sharing happens only through pics in whatsapp/FB. It’s fun teasing them with the pics of cakes I bake or new dishes I try. 😀 They get all the more irritated when my friends send them the pics of them eating the cakes/dishes I have prepared. 😀 They make note of everything and make me cook/bake all the items when they are in Chennai, giving strict warning not to share anything with Friends. 😛 Revenge. I get disowned even if I try to smuggle a slice for anybody. Such is their love. 😛 

Once I had called a friend over lunch and had soaked basmati rice in water to make pulav. My sister wanted to have sambar rice so I made plain rice for her thinking basmati won’t go with sambar. It was a bad idea. Later I spent half an hour explaining to her how I am not differentiating between her and my Boy Friend by giving her plain rice and making basmati for him. They simply love using such dialogues. 

Recently during an offer on Snapdeal I bought 4 handbags for myself. Couldn’t choose 1 out of the 4. No I am not shopaholic. I just hate to leave something I like. Especially if it’s cheap. 😛 When my sisters came to know of it, they declared I have become spendthrift. When the handbags arrived, as per the tradition I sent them the pics of each handbag. To my horror all 3 of them announced which one they have picked for themselves. :O And I am supposed to keep the one nobody liked. 

The worse situation is when you have to choose 2 out of your 3 sisters. I needed 2 witnesses to open a PPF account so I gave the names of 2 of my sisters. The 3rd one now is angry with me and wants to know why she is not a witness for whatever the others are and for whatever it is. Who will explain her that she needs to have an account first to become a witness and then get angry? 

But being the eldest has its own benefits and I love every bit of it. 😀

I am looking forward to December as all 4 of us are going to be together for a whole week after so many months. 😀

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Roadmap to punctuality

November 14, 2014 2 comments

People had been requesting me to tell them my secret of always being on time. 😀 So here you go. Some pointers to people like me on how to be on time.

Note: I am speaking strictly from my experience. Let me consider a scenario where you have a plan to meet your friend(s) at 4 PM today.

1. Take bath immediately after waking up in the morning even on weekends instead of mentally doing the tough calculation about the time it’s going to take to reach the venue(1 hour) plus time to decide what to wear(15 mins)+ time to decide what to wear because you didn’t quite like the one you have chosen(30 mins again)+ time to wash your hair and finish bathing(1 hour) plus time to dress up(30 mins) minus time for combing as that can be done after reaching the venue or anyway by the time you reach its going to be as good as it was never combed, so why bother? And finally concluding that the auspicious time to take bath would be 2:30PM and entering the bathroom finally at 2:45PM. Wondering why 15mins late? The mental exhaustion caused due to the tough calculation you just did will require at least 15 mins to recover.

If you are someone who wakes up at noon on weekends, just spray some deo and start. Do not bother about getting ready and all when you slept away your grooming time.

If you are a guy just keep minimum 10 alarms to wake you up at least 10 mins before your start time. I guess you don’t need more than 10 to complete all the above mentioned tasks.

2. If you have long hair just do not even think of combing it unless you have an extra hour. You know you are going to comb and keep combing and changing your hair style until your hands give up. And You know ultimately you are just going to tie it up into a bun deciding to just leave it free once you reach the venue. You can save yourself a precious hour here.

3. DO NOT COUNT the time you are going to save by running instead of walking when you calculate the time to reach the venue. If you think you can reach in 1 hour, make it 1 hours 15 mins. Chances are you are going to miss the bus even if you ran holding your heart in your hand. #TrueStory

4. Keep all the things you have to carry with you in one place. Especially money and change. Best if you can keep it in the handbag you are going to carry. You can start listing it down from the time you wake up itself. You will save the time you spend running in and out of the house taking one thing at a time at the last moment.

5. Never look into the mirror after dressing up. Never. You know you are not going to be satisfied and waste time deciding once again what to wear. It’s a never ending loop. Trust me.

If you are a guy, just make sure you have already done your laundry or at least you own a really good perfume.

6. NEVER ask your siblings how you are looking. The more siblings you have, the more comments and suggestions you are going to get regarding what needs to be changed. Once ready just hide your face, announce that you are leaving and leave. Do not wait for their comments.

7. DO NOT engage in taking selfies after getting ready. Your siblings will offer to click a pic vouching how good/bad you are looking and it deserves a pic but NO. Don’t give in. This is where you lose the precious half an hour and get late. Chances are your friends are not even going to notice what you are wearing.

8. Note down the directions to reach the venue and transport medium you are going to use. You are NOT going to remember everything even with the best memory power you have and you cannot plan while on the way whether to take bus/auto/cab. Quit relying on the road side annas and aunties. If you are tagging along a friend on his/her bike, bribe or threaten him/her so that he/she picks you up on time.

9. While it is important to be on time it is also important to know how on time your friends are to avoid waiting for them at the venue all alone. So before you start from home just check where everyone else is and then decide if the right time has come. Till then you can do touch ups. Or if you are a guy, small nap but with alarm every 5 mins.

10. Last but not the least, practice the art of smiling cutely every day for at least 10 mins. It will come handy while apologizing if you are meeting a new friend(s) and are late even after following the above mentioned pointers. Your old friends are never going to buy your cuteness filled apologies so just be prepared to get all scolding and beatings.

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How Many Goof Ups Did You Do Today?

October 17, 2011 9 comments

As humans we all tend to do some goof ups. Its perfectly natural. But is there any count on how many are allowed in a day for any “Normal” human being? I sometimes, leave myself amazed with my own acts. You can presume I am shamelessly “complimenting” myself but even you won’t be able to resist yourself after reading the “Quality” of my goof ups for the day below-

1. After breakfast my mom asked to me prepare some ginger tea when I was sincerely reading some post. I also needed a cup of tea badly and thus forced myself to the kitchen half interested. I kept the tea to boil and resumed my task forgetting about the tea. In the meanwhile my mom decided to get a quick nap till the tea gets ready. After some 10 mins my mom inquired if it was ready and I ran to the kitchen realizing my forgetfulness. Thankfully it wasn’t too late and I thanked almighty she woke up to remind me. But hei wait. Why has the tea not developed any color yet? Why does it look so white still?

An inner voice shouted from somewhere- “Idiot!! who will add the tea leaf?”

2. Again I simply logged in to my official mails to check if there is anything important. I saw a mail addressed to me whose content said “Please check my latest post”. I immediately clicked on the link, read the post, left a comment and sent the reply to the same mail only to receive an undeliverable message. I then checked the name of the sender and it read “Admin Blogs”. I felt thankful that the mail reply to this address doesn’t get delivered to the entire admin team. Had it been…. uff I don’t even want to imagine the embarrassment.

Again the inner voice shouted- “Idiot!! who will check the sender name when you receive a mail?”

3. Time to cook dinner. And I was so confused about what to cook. After a lot of battle between options available I decided to try something new as my eyes fell over some paneer lying in fridge. I cut the onions, tomato, boiled potatoes, fried onion-ginger-bla bla, and… added the potato/tomato/paneer/what ever lay in front of my eyes, not following what I should do first and what is supposed to be added next.

And the outcome… It was the most horrible panner-butter-masala I have ever had.

And the voice screamed again and this time I knew from where- ” There is less tomato is this.. It doesn’t tastes too good. Didi what did you try making actually? Why is it so horrible?”

And I quietly replied- “I goofed up the whole procedure absent minded.”

Well that was the last goof up for the day. At least I think so as I have decided to retire to bed before I goof up something else. But its perfectly normal. Isn’t it?

Battle of Dreams & Life

October 17, 2011 12 comments

15 minutes and the Train would depart from Chennai, leaving me behind on the station with an unconfirmed e-ticket in hand. Hell, it took me days together to convince mom. I wanted to join IIT and Kota was the place that could teach me how to win the race. I couldn’t let my dreams shatter even before I lay its foundation.I ran with my luggage to the general compartment of JP Madras Express. The train hustled and thus began the journey towards my dream. In my 17 years of life, this was the 1st time I was doing a long distance journey all alone and that too in the general compartment. I would be lying if I say I wasn’t scared but I definitely had no clue of what lay in store for me.

The boggie was unlikely crowded. Though it was a Women compartment, I could see few men, sitting authoritatively. Thanks to their wives. My gaze slipped to a middle aged man smoking near the door. He looked at me and suddenly I could feel my body shiver under his gaze. Thankfully a lady cop came to rescue and she charged all the men out of compartment.

Next to me sat a Muslim gal in Burqa.She wore a heavy make up and was little plump. I was surprised to know that she was hardly 19 and has 2 kids. She got married after she completed her 10th.

The train halted in some station. A lady, challenged with one leg, entered the compartment with her son. He sat opposite to me. His innocence was clearly seen on his face. He asked something to his mom and she refused. In anger he abused her, calling her bad names. Everyone else in the compartment shocked at this behavior said looking at his mom, “It’s better not to have a child than having one of this kind.” She broke into tears. He asked her again and she refused. Finally threatening her he said, “If you don’t give me, I will sit in the same platform and beg.”  The lady gave up and handed him some coins from a small purse.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. The kid hardly seemed to be 10 or 12 years old. He read my mental status and asked-

“Where are you going?”
“Kota”- I said still in shock.
“For the training right?”
“500Km more” he said peeping out of the window.
“I have heard about the institutes there. Which one are you joining?”
“Which standard are you in?”
“I am studying in 5th standard.”- he replied with a childish smile.
“You must be a bright student.” I said smiling at his innocent face.
“Yeah, but what’s the use? I will quit after 10th to earn bread for my family.”

I didn’t have to ask anything else. The reason was understood. I suddenly felt my heart heavy. Not knowing how to respond, I just gave him a meek smile and shifted my gaze outside the window. I suddenly felt so fortunate enough to be able to pursue my dreams, and thanked my parents inside my mind, for letting me walk towards it.

I tore a paper from my diary and scribbled my email id on it.
“Hei, keep this. Today I can’t help you. But when you are in 10th I definitely will be able to. Drop me a mail.”

There are many students in our country who quit their studies as their parents can’t afford it anymore and besides it seems time for them to be the earning hand. Help them in what ever way you can. 🙂

[Meme]~ABC’s of My Life :)

October 11, 2011 5 comments

MEME time again. 😀   And this time it has been kick started by Megz in an attempt to get to know the ABCs of our lives. I was tagged by Sree and here I go with the ABCs of my LIFE. 😀

A – Age: I refused to grow up after 16 (mentally 😛 ).

B – Books: Just finished reading “The (In)eligible Bachelors”.  And this is my 1st book that I read in one day at one stretch 😀

C – Current crush: 🙄 Would have named Farhan but then I don’t think he is a crush. It’s just sort of liking. 😛

D – Dance form: Free Jump Style 😛

E – Essential start your day item: Tying my hair. I can’t do anything untill I have tied my hair.

F – Favorite color: Red, Blue.

G – Gold or Silver: Gold for earring and Silver for LegChain(Anklet) 😛

H – Height: 5’3” almost 😛

I – I am: I am a good gal. 😀  😀

J – Job: Testing. 😉

K – Kids: I love to talk to the kids between 3-9 months when they talk just with their eyes and actions. Bigger kids… I love to play with them. 😀 And yeah love it when they kiss me. 😛

L – Latest Addiction: Disturbing People. 😛

M – Memorable Moment: My promotion. Morning the moment I reached office many of my batch mates pinged asking if I too got the promotion. That is when I came to know I am actually eligible for one. 😛 I was boiling with anger and already scolding my manager inside my mind for not informing about the same and infact pinged him saying I want to talk to him and its urgent. 😛 LUCKILY he was held up and said he will get back to me in some time. In another half an hour I received the mail that I have been promoted. Then i sang praises of him, this time not inside my mind. 😛

N – Nicknames: I think now I have a name starting with all the alphabets from A to Z. Ok this was little exagerating but I have too many nick-names which  I definitely can’t list out here. 😛 And the count being high for the names with letter “C”. 😐

O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Nope..  I hate the smell of hospitals. The medicinal smell of doctors.

P – Pet Peeve: LIES… How so ever bad/blunt/rude i prefer THE TRUTH. And I hate it when I see people lying to me.

Q – Quote from a movie: Can’t think of one right now. 😐

R – Right or left handed: I can try writing with both the hands 😛 but Right handed.

S – Sports – I love to play anything and everything. 😀  Don’t ask me how good I am at any of it.

T – Time you wake up: 6:30/7/7:30/ and finally leave the bed at 7:45 😀

U- Ugliness meter – Ask the mirror.

V – Vegetable you dislike: Nothing…

W – Ways you run late: I don’t need ways to run late. I have now understood that how so ever hard I try to be on time, I am destined to be late. Always.

X – X-rays you’ve had: Hmm I don’t think I have ever had a X-ray. 🙄

Y – Yummy food you make: Anything I make turns out Yummyyy. 😛

Z – Zzzzz times –Mostly between 12 AM to 1 AM.

So this is the ABC of my life…. Quite simple I guess. I here by tag Bikram to take the meme forward 🙂

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The Psychotic Wagon- Imperfect Me :)

August 21, 2011 2 comments

This is the latest Meme running in our internal blogsphere where we talk about our  OCDs(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), the lil imperfections in us that defines our natural-insanity level. 😛

Following the tradition of CCP(Cut-Copy-Paste) let me also copy the definition of OCD from Raji’s blog itself 😛 –

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations (obsessions), or behaviors that make them feel driven to do something (compulsions) – (wiki)

In short something that is so unavoidable for you and how hard you try you just can’t avoid it.

I am sure for the below mentioned OCD’s many of my “Lucky-Victims” will vouch in excitement of having experienced it but dare you exaggerate it. 😛

Here it goes-

1. I am the BEST typo queen- No human/alien/animal/whatever can make the typos I make. Not embarrassment but you can imagine a look of pride on my face when I say that 😛 . After all making typos is not in everybody’s fingers 😛 . I have tried typing slowly or working on the way my fingers work on keyboard but I just can’t correct it and thus the misplacing of letters. I have cursed many alphabets like I/O, B/V, N/M, and some more for their adjacent existence on the keyboard and the blunder it has made me do. I am not going to give any examples for obvious reasons 😛 .

But the good thing is how bad I type and how so ever miserable typos I make, people talking to me get used to it in no time and start understanding it pretty soon 😛 . I make sure they do. How many typos after all can I keep correcting? 🙄

2. Clap- Jump- Clap- Sounds strange even to me but I just can’t resist clapping & jumping when I am at the top floor of excitement 🙄 . And the worst is realization strikes that I have been doing something foolish like that only after the process is completed and the damage is done 😛 . I remember reading my 1st appreciation mail & I almost jumped out of my seat clapping for self. I realized it only when my colleague who sits next to me interrupted the trance asking what happened. 😛 .

3. Reflex Smiling- This is funniest of all mentioned above. I just can’t control smiling or laughing in response if someone smiles looking at me. 🙄 Even with strangers. 😛 Even when I am angry and talking something very serious, if the other smiles I immediately smile back in reflex & forget the talk then. It concludes there itself. 🙄

I think this much is enough to prove my insanity level. 😛

[BlogTak-Special Report]~“Ipad bani Sautan”

Welcome to our special report of the day- “Ipad bani Sautan”.

For the next five minutes do not blink, do not move from your seat  as I along with the Photographer Kiddhesh take you to the spot where we spotted the first victim of the “OCGD “ of the “Millennial Man”.  What is OCGD? From where did it come? Who is the 1st victim? For all these questions just keep reading BlogTak and we promise all your questions will be answered. We assure you after knowing the whole story even you will be biting your nails in fear and “what–the-hell-is-wrong-with-youth these days look.

Educated, Beautiful, Responsible, City bred, Working, Modern, if you think this is how men describe the women they want to get married to, you are probably living in stone age.

Yes, you read it right. Now the Millennial generation no longer falls for the tall-fair-charming beauty rather their jaws fall open for any sleeky-shining-10.1 inches metallic device and their heart melts faster than the ice-cream kept in room-temperature when they get to touch it.

For the first time ONLY on BlogTak you will see the 1st victim of this “OCGD(Obsessive Compulsive Gadget Disorder)” of the Millennial man. The term was coined by Dr. Megzie who during  her research on the Millennial men found the 1st man suffering from the disease. For privacy reasons we won’t be disclosing his name.

For those of you who aren’t aware of OCGD, it’s a disorder in the brain that makes the sufferer get attracted towards the gadgets in a way they should be attracted towards a woman.

Now a look at the 1st victim.

 Look at this girl. How old does she look to you? What condition do you think she is in? What you think is going on in her mind? Why is she sitting this way?

As per our sources,  she has been sitting the same way since her boyfriend ditched her for a sleeky Ipad 2.  At first she thought it’s just his “little” liking towards the gadgets that he is preferring to spend more time with the device than with her. But later when she discovered that he had introduced the device to his mom saying he wants to “Marry it” which he was supposed to do with her as per promises, she collapsed on the ground and is on the ground the same way since then hoping her love will understand how much she misses him.  But will he ever realize it? Will she succeed in disentangling him from the love-net of damn IPAD?

Even his mom was taken for a shock followed by worries for the son who is hardly 23 and is confessing his  love not for any woman rather a device. Knowing not what to do they approached Dr. Megzie who in her research found the strange disease and thus became the 1st Doctor to address the 1st victim of OCGD.

We have Dr. Megzie here with us who will tell us more about the disease-

Me: Dr. Megzie first of all welcome to the show.

Dr: Thank you for the honor.

Me: Dr. first of all is OCGD a male specific disease?

Dr: No it’s not male specific and could be found in many Millennial Women too who are tech savvy but the count is more among men.

Me: Is it only with IPAD?

Dr: No it could be any gadget. Ipad/Iphone/Any damn mobile phone/Mac/Ipod or anything.

Me: Dr. Could you please enlighten us on how can we know a man/Woman is suffering from OCGD?

Dr: If you see anyone spending more time with the gadgets, looking at it with a twinkle in the eyes, touching it like long lost lovers, talking to it as if it’s a second person(this is all i know for now), to anyone and everyone even with Mom all they speak about is devices and apps, and often smile at it pointlessly, you can be sure he/she is suffering from OCGD.

Me: Thank you for all the informations Dr.

Have you seen any such person around you? Does your friend behave the same way? Do you think one among you is suffering from a similar disorder? Write to us in the comment section below.
With photographer Kiddhesh this is Anuradha Kumari signing off.

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