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Tea Story

This video made me nostalgic and reminded me of my own experiences with tea at home, workplace and how a simple cup of tea played a very crucial role in my life.

Prior to getting married, my morning ritual comprised of waking up to the noise of vessels being washed by mom and the aroma of ginger tea brewing on the stove in the wee hours of morning. I would leave the bed, go to brush my teeth and in the meanwhile my mom would be ready to relish her first round of tea. She would ask in a teasing child-like tone- “Chakhmi? Badi badhiya banlo hei” (Wanna taste? It’s come out really well.) I do not drink tea empty stomach. But hearing her ask like that is impossible to refuse. I would rush to kitchen to fetch a small bowl or a cup whatever i can lay my hands on and rush back to her lest my sisters reached before me and there is nothing left to even taste. Just 2 sips of it and few minutes of conversations, laughter was enough to charge up for the whole day.

When I started working, for quite sometime tea time was a lonely affair. After a couple of days I even stopped drinking it as it was depressing to have it alone. And then just like that blogging happened. I made friends with a couple of bloggers who were in the same location as mine and we bonded for life over a cup of tea. The tea break used to be the most interesting part of the day. Sharing a small cup of tea with a friend, hogging over stuff ordered by another hungry friend, teasing and leg pulling the time would just fly. One of my managers would often comment how fresh I looked at the end of the day like am just walking in to work.

Later when I moved to a different location and project I didn’t eve have a team to interact with. There was no reason or excuse to interact with people sitting around as they were in other projects. After a couple pf days of boring evenings I looked at the girl sitting beside me and asked her if she would like to join me for tea? She readily agreed and invited her other friends as well. There were 3 of us and we bonded really quick. Thanks to wonderful cup of tea. After that day, irrespective of how busy we were, how critical the deliverable were, we met at sharp 4PM to recharge ourselves and get ready to face the day.

I might not be in touch with many of the people I connected with over tea but the conversations and experiences I had with them is forever etched in my memory.

Tea to me is all those wonderful memories and experiences stirred in the warmth of love in a small cup.

What’s your tea story?

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September 6, 2017 Leave a comment

A couple of 55- Fiction (Fiction written using exactly 55 words or less) I wrote a while ago but missed to post them here. Actually I had totally forgotten I have a blog. 😀


He sits there staring at me with hawk like eyes,
Waiting for me to leave my abode in broad day light,
Wanting a glimpse of my curvaceous body and grace,
He walks towards me in a silent slow pace.
Well, I also love to taunt him and tease,
As I fly around flapping my Wings.

  • This is an ode to all photographers who wait patiently for a perfect picture of the beautiful bird(s)


He was nervous. Just like he is before every show. His heart was constricting in nervousness. Keeping his usual smile on, he walked his funny walk to the stage. The performance began and audience burst into fits of laughter. Brave he was, fell off smiling. The audience applauded.

  • This was my failed attempt at writing something humorous 🙂


I push the door open and my eyes fall on his handsome face. He has his charming smile on. He pulls me closer by my hand and I can’t look into his eyes. I tip toe to reach his face and, slap him across his right cheek.
The mosquito is finally dead. My turn now.

  • Well, something romantic(??) to finish the post 😛


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The Gender Stereotypes

September 4, 2017 Leave a comment

Recently a colleague of mine asked me if am married and if I am, why do I stay late at office despite having extra responsibilities at home.  I asked him if he would have asked the same to a male colleague and the reply was yes. He said he would have asked if his wife doesn’t scold him for going home late.

There was another incident where another friend of mine asked me how do I get time to make dinner when I reach home so late. I said I don’t, my mother in law cooks. Knowing me well, he was little scared to speak his mind, afraid that I might eat him alive if I didn’t like what he had to say. He anyway gathered his guts and remarked- Actually post marriage you should be cooking for her not vice versa. And these are educated men who I am sure have never made even a cup of tea for their parents.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not here today to do the male bashing. Women equally contribute to it and most of us do not even think it as wrong because we  grow up seeing these gender defined roles and its etched in our subconscious.

Gender Stereotyping- Whether we realize it or not unconsciously we all contribute to it. Some might argue what is wrong with it. Both genders were designed for certain roles and for a perfect balance, peace and harmony its good to stick to it. Well, I call that cavemen thinking. We have evolved so much from the days when we needed these gender norms. And it is only stupid to still go by those rules. Gender stereotypes only establishes the feeling of one gender being superior to another. It gives meaning to the word “weaker sex”. It is the main culprit behind most women related issues. and boosts the social evils like- gender discrimination, dowry, female infanticide.

Here is my small attempt on the topic.


Stepping into the world
For the first time on my own
Excited and Nervous
of the adventures to unfold
Dressed in my best
I walked Confident and Bold
I heard someone say
It’s a man’s territory
How long would a woman role play?

Ignoring the ignorant, I kept up the pace
And met another along the race

The career you are now
struggling to build
Will soon be gathering dust
With your dreams
Time will slowly kill
All your desires
To be the woman
You now admire
You won’t be the person
You are today
And before you know
The confidence will fade away

It broke my heart, to see her give up
As I soared high, met another well wisher

The stony path of success
Will not be gentle on your heels
Been led all your life
How well will you lead?
Taught to give up
What is yours by right
In the real battle
How will you fight?
Confined to the four walls
You ought to be
The world is not safe
For a woman so free
How will you explain to them
Your will to fight the world
To carve a name for yourself
Among the great leaders
Who will even regard you
For what you achieve
It’s all about what you wear
And the looks that deceive
Worried for your good
You will be made to heed
A knight in shining armor
They say all you need
Caught up between family and work
You will do justice to none at all
Who will make your home
If you do the man’s job
With roles and responsibilities
Always clutching at your wings
How high will you soar
Carrying burden of everything
Every joy of a tiny success
Will fill you with guilt and regrets
Why don’t you be happy
Staying in your zone
Leave the world to the man
You make a beautiful home

I thought for a while
Of a befitting reply
There was truth in every word
Why did it then sound absurd?
Should I just give up and whine
Is dreaming big such a crime
Sitting in a comfort zone
I can’t blame the world and moan
Let them judge let them speak
I know I am not that weak
Every fall at every wrong
I will rise up strong
I will be the woman
I want to be
Conquer the world
And let them see!

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A dream to remember

August 14, 2017 2 comments

A wise person once said- A dream is not the one that you see when you are asleep rather the one that doesn’t let you sleep.

Ever heard anybody mention about dreams that neither let’s you sleep nor leaves you alone when you finally manage to fall asleep? Those are the scariest ones.

Last night after struggling, scratching, clapping, whining for hours finally I gave up and though the weather was really pleasant, closed the windows and switched on the AC to save myself from the wrath of mosquitoes and finally drifted off to sleep covering myself head to toe, only to encounter a giant one in my dreams.

It was a huge but colorful one. It slowly flew to me, batting it’s huge eyelids and sat on my legs to bite. I tried to catch it but it was really swift. Seeing my failed attempt, it grew courageous and approached me again, this time with grown confidence. But I got lucky and got hold of one of its wings. The confidence was no sooner replaced with fear and it didn’t take long to realize that this means the end of its life. With those big eyes brimming with tears and a sad face, it looked at me almost pleadingly. I thought it looked like a cute kitten then. No am not exaggerating. Even in my wildest dreams i would have never thought that the mosquitoes can be cute. But at that moment I was almost in dilemma when it tried to free itself from my hold and in the process the wing I was holding onto, detached. It then swiftly flew away all the time staring sadly at the broken piece of itself.

I thought I can finally sleep. But to my dismay even before I had closed my eyes it returned with a match stick to alight the broken wing lying on the bed. Before I could think, the wing was burning a beautiful crimson and it flew away leaving it to fall on my bed.

Now my bed was on fire. And that is how my dear friends I woke up this morning trying to douse the fire caused by the burning of the broken wing of a frigging mosquito.

Note: This is not a work of fiction. It happened in real 😛 Does that mean this post is a tribute to the imaginary giant mosquito and its broken wing? May be. I just needed an excuse to note it down. 


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Being ‘Anu’!! :P

March 18, 2011 11 comments

It’s already Friday and I feel like banging my head on the keyboard 🙄 . No not cz of any work load or anything you might be thinking rather cz I have been thinking to write something since Monday and I am still thinking. The moment I think of opening word I give an excuse to myself “Hei, Do it later”. Escapist.

Anyways by this time you would have got a hint that I am in all mood to blabber so as a good responsible employee let me suggest, if you have some “critical” jobs to attend kindly close this window and carry on. Rest with any high/medium/low or any priority jobs  can spend their quality time here 😀 .

The “priority” talks are the result of the defects I have been raising recently and the defect management training I just attended. So kindly bear with it.

Not everyone knows or agrees (including me) that I am “little” absent-minded “sometimes”. But the recent incidents and the root-cause-analysis (Something I learnt from testing and adopted for real-life situations too  😛 ) of the same has left me wondering at myself 🙄 .

I had a CCP(assessment) to write at 4 PM and was already running very late. It takes minimum one and a half hour to reach the center and I started from office only at 3. In hurry I parked my vehicle and ran to the bus stand. Luckily the bus arrived soon and seating myself in a window seat I gave a sigh of relief hoping I won’t be “tat” late. I was so lost somewhere that I never looked at anybody and just kept looking out of the window(seeing actually nothing). Almost after half an hour  when just casually I wanted to move my hand over my hair I touched my head & realized,  I had been sitting inside the bus wearing the helmet 🙄 .

Biggest Comment-

I have received many compliments or comments but yesterday I got the biggest comment of my life that I am a biggest entertainment “piece” :O .

Lost @ the desk-

I can get lost anywhere. Both physically and mentally. One evening/night I sat staring at the application lost somewhere. It was almost 8:30 PM when suddenly my manager called out my name from the back and unknowingly I screamed at the highest pitch possible. The next moment he looked at me scared/surprised and I, embarrassed at the stupid act 😐 .

The sudden realization-

Many a times, we crib, complain and above all “compare” with whom we or our life for an instance aren’t even comparable and thus forget to enjoy what we are and what we have got 🙂 . I am no different. But before it was too late and I become a khadus-serious-angry-irritated  young lady, I slapped myself hard and the result is in front of you 😛 .

Though you “love” to listen to my blabber, I cannot go on speaking always na? 😛 You can resume your work now 😀 .

Have a jhaakaass weekend and a very happy Holi 🙂

Note: If you play Holi, instead of using colors use home-made-mud and trust me its far better than those chemicals and more fun too 😛 . Also it goess off easily.

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This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton Season 2 edition 18; the eighteenth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Yet another Monday! Yuckkkksss!! I don’t remember since when I have started hating Mondays, but I know very well that I can never like it. Never. Every time the sun smiles on Monday morning, I could hear it mock at me and say “Hei loser, Congratulations! You have successfully completed yet another week of failure. Hope you enjoy the disgusting week ahead.” Holy crap. Yes, I am a loser and losers do not have an option in life. They just rely on whatever falls their way and dreaming is a sin to them.

I always aspired to be a journalist. Writing was my passion. My dream. People used to say I will make a brilliant writer one day. They loved my stories & articles. I loved observing people around and weave my own stories from their lives. They used to say my words have the power to bring life even in stones. And so foolish of me to believe them. It was their flattery compliments that showed me the stupid dream. I wanted to write and let the whole world know what I have to say. I wanted to pursue Mass Media.

But, as destiny had already painted my disgraceful future, here I am today, standing at the wrong place, waiting to board a wrong bus, and get dumped to a wrong destination where I would sit and code $*** for peanuts in a toilet-spaced 3X3 cubicle, with a tag hanging around my neck. No different to the one around my dogs Alex and Maxee. What a deplorable life! Applause please! Saying so to myself I kicked a tiny invisible pebble on the ground, both the hands cuffed tightly inside the pocket.


Excuse me?– I said looking at the old lady, probably in her 50s, with a professional camera in hand whose click brought me out of the trance . She was in a red Tee that said “Life just got more colorful” and blue jeans.

I am sorry son, but couldn’t wait to get your permission to click. Your expression was classic and resembled the perfect persona of a “Frustrated Youth”. Hope you don’t mind it.

It’s ok.

Would you like to have a look at it?

It has come so good. Are you a photographer?

Yes. –She said beaming with pride and her eyes twinkling with happiness.
And today is my 1st day at work.

1st day? – I asked looking at her in shock.

Yes my child. It has been a long wait, but, hmmm  no regrets.
Going to office?


You don’t like to talk much?

Hmm nothing like that….. I said slightly curving my lips.

Everything ok?

Yeah….. It’s fine. Can I see your camera?– I said changing the topic.

Oh Sure.

Lovely clicks. You like to capture emotions, don’t you?

Yup. I like to observe people and read their faces. – She winked and gave me an understanding look.

So, where are you joining today?

I have got an opportunity to click for “Youth of India” magazine.

Oh Congrats.
And…. where did you work before?

Well, this is my first job.-She said turning to me with a smile.

First job at this age? Any issues? Financial or something?

Oh no no. My husband is a VP in a MNC. I have a wonderful family. My only son is a Manager.

Oh woww…. Then, why do you need to go for work?

Well son, it’s not about job. It’s about photography. I always wanted to be a professional photographer, click for people. But being a girl my family wasn’t supportive enough and they got me married just after I completed my degree. Then family, husband, relationships, kids, responsibilities. You know, there was never any time to think about my own desires and thus the passion for photography has to cocoon itself to the four walls of my home.
But today, I have all the time in the world. I don’t need to worry for anything. And above all, now I can live the life I always wished.
Finally I am going to live my passion.– She said giving a smile that only years of experience can bring.
Oh, I didn’t even realize how time went. It was nice meeting you. And thanks for the click.

She waved her hands and moved ahead before I could even ask her name. Even at fifty plus she was beaming with happiness and moved almost taking 2 steps at a time. She seemed to be almost flying with happiness.

My bus arrived and as I boarded the bus, I had a smile on my face and hope in my eyes, to live my passion one day. I looked in the direction where she went, but she was lost in the crowd. I don’t know if I will ever meet her again, but I will always be thankful to her.

I think, from now I love Mondays.

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton and links to their respective posts can be checked here. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

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Chronicles of (Miss) Adventure!!

December 28, 2010 7 comments

November 12… 08:00 AM

“When destiny has to play its role, the plots are set well before”.


The excitement was double as I was to travel alone for the 1st time. And so was the nervousness as I am well aware of my own carelessness. This is about the adventure along the journey that bagged me the title of “Miss Adventure” 😀 .


Di.. make sure you leave the house max by 11.30, else sure you will be joining us for dinner, said my youngest sis giggling while I still lay on bed half asleep.
Just shuttt uppp and get lost else you sure will be late for school.I screamed in defense least aware of what was going to unfold in the next 11 hours.

November 12… 09:00 AM

Are you done with packing? See I am warning you. Don’t delay. My 2nd sis threw the comment while leaving.
What’s with you guys? I am seeing since morning. Anyways, I am going to get my dress.

Now? You should have gone yesterday itself knowing you are supposed to leave today.

I came home late. I had a call. I came only at 10 and the shop was closed by that time.

Ok hurry up now. I am also leaving.

November 12 10:00 AM

Aunty is my dress ready?
Oh you want it now. It will just take me 10 min. Wait for sometime na, I will give the saree to this aunt and then complete your dress.
But aunty I am in hurry. I have a train to catch.
Oh it will hardly take 5 min. Just wait na.

November 12 10:30 AM

Aunty how long will it take?
Yeah it’s done. Here I will make your dress ready now.

Working elegantly on my blue salwaar, she started singing an old number.

“Mera man dole mera tan dole mere dil ka hua khumaar re kon bajaaye baasuriya”

Singing, she flickered her eyes almost imitating Vijayanthimala and looked at me with expecting eyes for appreciation.

I felt like asking her to just keep shut and stop irritating and obviously, was in no mood to appreciate her singing or acting talent. It was already 10:45.

Hmmm Aunty is it done? I am getting late.
Haan haan it’s done. You are in so hurry today.
Yes aunty I have a train to catch and I am already late.
Here take it.
Thanks Aunty. I saw the time. It was already 11.

I rushed home, got ready, picked my luggage, locked the doors, handed the keys to neighbor aunty, looked at the clock, it was already 12. Only if the train starts late I will be able to board it. I thought to myself and almost ran towards my bike.

I got into the local train and avoided looking at the time to avoid anymore tension. Suddenly the train halted. I looked out of the window. It was not a regular halt at the station. After sometime I heard 2 aunts discussing about some accident on the tracks. This is the last thing that could happen I thought and looked at my cell to check the time. 13:10 PM. Does it make any sense to go station now? Train leaves the platform at 13.20 PM. And I still have half an hour of travel left. Anyways I didn’t had an option.

I reached the station at 13:40 PM almost panting for the loss of breath, checked the PF number and rushed towards the train with no stamina by now to even walk.


November 12 13:45 PM

I reached some PF and while I struggled to breath, I saw my train gaining momentum at PF 3. I wanted to scream but couldn’t. I just ran towards PF 3 but it was too late. Knowing not what to do, I just stood breathing, may be to compensate for the loss of oxygen I have had in last few hours. Wonderful!! I said to myself. This was the 1st time I was traveling alone or may be, not traveling anymore & first time I had missed the train.


November 12… 14.00 PM

I had only 2 choices now.
1. Get back home with a stupid face only to be mocked at by sis and friends.
2. Get another train.

Obviously I went ahead with 2nd option for I have always chosen the 2nd option in life though wanting to choose 1. Yeah call it the love for “2” but the crush for “1”.

I looked around for help and spotted someone in khaaki dress.
Uncle I just missed my train to Blore. Any idea which station or how can I catch that?
No, you can’t catch that now but if you want to, catch the one at PF 1. This is also going to Blore and will leave in another 5 min.


November 12… 14.10 PM

I thanked him and ran towards the train. Guessing the train might move any moment I got into some compartment whose entrance was free. The train started moving. And then it struck, I didn’t get the ticket.

Damn, what was I supposed to do at that moment. I decided to pay the fine when the TT arrives. But wait. What train am I in? Which compartment am I sitting? God, I didn’t notice anything while getting in. Hmm shall I ask the guy sitting opposite to me? I looked at him and then turned my eyes away. Nah it will sound so stupid. As if till now what has happened wasn’t stupid enough.


November 12… 20.10 PM

My cell phone rang. It was Nive(My friend).

Hi Nive..
Hei Anu. Where are you?
Hmm I don’t know. Leme check.
Haan check and tell me fast.
It says somewhere near B’lore east.
Hei listen. Just get down in Contonment. No need to go to SBC. We are coming to Contonment to pick you up. What’s your train/compartment number?
Err.. Nive don’t ask me anything. I will get down in station. You come.
But tell me your train/compartment so that we can spot you.
Eeh no, actually I myself don’t know anything. Shhhh don’t ask anything. I will get down in Contonment ok.
This gal is seriously mad. She says she doesn’t know anything.
Chupp I will get down and call you. Bye.

November 12… 20.30 PM

Hei Nive I screamed waving my hand. The happiness of successfully making it to B’lore even after missing the train was impeccable. But least did I know, this was just the beginning of the adventurous trip.Things were yet to unfold in coming 3 days.

Hei Anu. Gadhi don’t you know which train you are travelling or which compartment you are sitting? How could be so careless, so foolish.

Some friends doubt your ‘special’ skills you see.

Eeh come lets move out of here Nive. I will tell you everything. Come…..


Oh btw I forgot to tell about the most interesting part of the whole journey. Remember I didn’t take any ticket in hurry and was waiting for the TT to come? Well no TT ever came. And on the other side, Nive and Naveen (My friends) paid the fine for getting onto the PF w/o a PF ticket. Isn’t it amazing? 😀

Believe it or not, I was destined to get late  😀 .

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[Snail mail]~Of E-letters and E-memory

December 9, 2010 8 comments

 When I think of the Snail Mail the first thing that comes to my mind is “Passing Love notes”. I still remember how when a message has to be passed in mid of the class, from one corner to another, it has to travel through 20 other students seated in between. It used to take minimum 5 minutes for every “Love-note” to reach the destination and an equal time for the reply to reach the source especially when all present in the class has to multi-task to make sure the teacher doesn’t get the hint of this “Free-Postal-Service”. Listening to the teacher, reading the note, passing the note, all at the same time within the limited time frame when the teacher is glued to the book, trust me no simple task. And the fun involved was simply immeasurable. Not only for the 2 involved in the conversation, rather for the whole class 😀 .

It was this snail-mail that first taught us the art and importance of  team work, multi-tasking & building network.

Today it’s just the matter of some nanoseconds.  Even before the source has clicked the send button the message is received by the destination without getting leaked to any 3rd person. No team work, no bonding, no involvement of anybody 3rd , in short no fun. Isn’t it a big loss?

Hmmm those were really magical days. I remember how I eagerly used to look for the weekends and among many other reasons one reason being the ‘letters’. Every Saturday my father & mother used to sit replying to all the letters received from the relatives and friends in the whole week and I used to make sure I try all my drawing/painting talent in the same letter and add a paragraph from my side too in the reply 😀 . Such was the value of “Communication” & “Staying Connected” those days.

Today many a times we look for excuses to call/mail a friend, occasions to get in touch with relatives, and an auspicious time to reply to the e-mails & messages.

Once there was a time I used to remember the address of most of my relatives and friends with their phone numbers. Now,  I can’t even call my mom if my cell is missing(uff her number changes every six months) and can’t mail even my sis if I don’t  have the access to Gmail 🙄 .

On a Silent Evening!

November 30, 2010 5 comments

I recently got the opportunity to visit Udipi. As for the 1st time I was traveling alone and had none beside to chit-chat ( I don’t like reading in Train) the only option I was left with is to stare outside the window and get lost in the beauty of the nature. The sky was unbelievably talkative that evening. And what it talked can be guessed from these pics-

Note- The pics are clicked from my cell while the train was moving.. so bear with the clarity… 😀

This one is my favorite. The tree stood tall and high among all others… but all alone….

I have no words to describe this as i myself was amazed….

Liked the way the two trees stood touching the sky together 😀

This one is a bonus pic… Looked like some one flying to me….. blame my imagination 😀

[Fredrick]~ Fredrick’s InnoFun shop

November 20, 2010 7 comments

Fredrick said “We can’t create anything new. Only God can.” We aren’t Gods. So what we can do is, “Combine what we know in a new way”. We can create it in a different manner.

Before I proceed I would like you to write down your definition of –

1. Idea

2. Creativity

3. Innovation

and leave your definitions in the comment section before you proceed.

Different people among the audience gave different replies for the same. Some said Creativity is thinking out of normal, Idea is about how it can make life easy, Innovation is serendipity. According to me Creativity is thinking in a different way that helps us generate ideas and if those ideas improvised leads to innovation.

As per Fredrick, Innovation is to make that idea happen. Innovation is powerful than Idea. People get ideas but they don’t do it. They don’t proceed with it rather leave it.

Creativity is the whole process. It is in idea. It is in Innovation. It is also about what happened before and after getting the idea.

There are 22k books on creativity. One of the example of books on creativity is “Blue Ocean Strategy” that says “Travel on your own path and don’t travel on the path already traveled.” The Blue ocean is a metaphor and a reference to the path which none has followed. It tells us not to be on the red path i.e where every one else is traveling.

Fredrick asked “What was Blue ocean strategy of Blue Ocean Strategy Book”? How is it different from other books on creativity? What they are asking people to do in the book, they them self actually aren’t doing. The book shouldn’t only tell you to be different but also be different and the book “Blue Ocean Strategy” is different in no way and thus readers leave the book half way as they feel it is telling the same thing repeatedly. I wonder how many authors would have thought the same way. If they would have we wouldn’t be having 22k similar kind of books on creativity rather 22k creative books. What say?

He then spoke about his book which is an “IdeaBook”. It contains blank papers between every paper.

He asked the audience “How putting the white papers was not a good idea, not a very good idea but a brilliant idea?”.

What do you think could the reason be? Before you check out others answers and Fredrick’s real reason for the same I would like you to say, what you think was the reason behind the blank pages and how was the idea brilliant? I would request to leave your answers in the comment section and then proceed.

Again there was humongous response from people. Some said to continue the idea on the other page , another said to write down their own idea while they read, another said to scribble, author can get feedback through that and many more. But Fredrick wasn’t satisfied with the answers. He said the best answer he has got was from a Chinese who said “Even if the book sucks we can still make use of it.”

The IdeaBook is interactive and not monologue. There are 11k management books published every year but the number that is sold is actually very very less. But he managed to sell 30k books in 30 days in Iceland,  a country with hardly 3k people i.e the sale was 50 times better than Harry Potter.

“To be Innovative you don’t need to be very different.”

Then on being asked by one in the audience he told the actual reason about the white papers in the book. He gave 2 answers- Official and Unofficial. Official answer was “I am brilliant!” 😀 and the Unofficial answer is very confidential and he has asked us not to tell it to anybody, and so I am saying, don’t reveal it to anybody 😛 . He said the book he wrote had only few papers and how can he call the ideas of just few papers a book and so he included the blank papers and it actually worked. “So, no idea is small or big rather it’s the way the idea is improvised for Innovation.”

He then talked about Idea Perception. Idea perception is specific kind of creativity. Our perspective today is to understand how others ideas can be used.

He quoted the example of Laser.How Laser is now used for various treatments that the person who developed Laser wouldn’t have even thought before.

He also quoted the  example of Paint developed by Akzo Nobel company that used the nano technology which makes one color paint look two. But the use of it is yet to be discovered. Any idea?

He then talked about the rules and regulations quoting examples of some funny incidents from Germany/Singapore and other countries. How his brother was forced by a German to swim in single lane even when there was none in the swimming pool and how he was asked to travel along the whole zig-zag queue even when he was the only person in the whole queue 😀 .

He concluded by saying in India we don’t have any rules and we get all freedom on earth. Then where lies the problem? He said the whole problem in India is with the schooling system.

He gave another funny example which I can’t resist mentioning here-

A teacher asked a student- “How will you measure the height of the building?”

The student replied- “He will go to the top of the building, throw the barometer down and he will know the height.”

The teacher said that the barometer will break. On giving another chance the student this time replied-

“I will tie the barometer with a rope and then throw it down. It won’t break and from the length of the rope i can know the height.”

Teacher was expecting the written usual method mentioned in the book and thus said-“You don’t have a rope.” She gave another chance and this time the student replied-

“I will go to the owner with a gun and scare him to tell the height of the building else I will shoot.” 😀

So this is how it is. A student is always expected to reply/write only what is written in the book.

He then explained about Innovation. Innovation is not about discovering new rather combining the two existing things to make a new thing.

He gave the example of Train.

A train is a combination of Steam Engine & Wheels. Which was later improvised to foster the speed and demands of people. Innovation is Incremental.

There were many exercises done in the  workshop. But fortunately/unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend everything. But here are 2 that I attended and trust me I had never thought this way before 😀 .

1. List down 10 things that you think is IMPOSSIBLE.

He then asked everyone to match and check if even in their list matches with Fred’s list. And to his surprise there were many groups whose list didn’t match.  He said he had never seen such creative people in the sessions he had done so far in various countries of the world. This was more than just  compliment from the IDEAMAN  🙂 .

2. If mobile company make a car, how will the car be different?

And the best answer was from someone among the audience. He said-

1. Sliding feature in the car, so that we can slide in and out as per need.

2. Ring tones in the car instead of horn.

There were many other features mentioned but i could convince myself only with these 2 😀 . You have anything to add?

These 2 days had been so much FUN+LEARNING for me. I will put up the post on that too soon. What mistakes I committed (How can there be no mistake where I am there? 😛 )  and what I learned from it and of course the fun part of it. Stay Tuned! 🙂

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