Simple Recipe-for a delicious Saturday- Shahi Paratha

October 15, 2011 4 comments

To make your Saturday even more delicious here is a simple recipe of yummyy  Shahi Paratha. 😀
Quite simple to make, not much ingredients required and tastes simply delicious. What more one needs for a lazy day? 😉

Here I go- Below ingredients will be more than sufficient for  2 members.

Cucumber- 1
Onion- 1
Tomato- 1
Carrot- 1
Chili- 2
Fresh Cream/Malai- 50 gms
(Boil the milk and store it in fridge over night. Morning remove the thick creamy layer and keep it separately.)
Tomato Sauce- 2 big Teaspoons
Raisins- 1 big Teaspoon
Curd- 1 bowl
Salt- 1/3rd teaspoon
Maida- 100 gms
Cashew- chopped, 1 big Teaspoon
and Coriander Leaf

1. Kneed the maida in night using ONLY the curd. Add pinch of salt as per taste. You can add black seeds(Mangrela) & thymol seeds(Ajwain) while kneeding for taste. Wrap it in a polythene cover and store in fridge.

2. Morning, chop the Cucumber/Tomato/Onion/Carrot/Chili in very small pieces. Mix everything together, add the chopped cashew and resins to it.

3. Mix the fresh cream and sauce together.

4. Make small balls of the maida and roll it very thin.

5. Put it on tava and cook for sometime. Then turn it and add oil over it. Let the other side get cooked. Then turn it again and put a layer of the cream-sauce nicely.

Sprinkle the vegetable mixture over it just at the center, as shown below-

And then fold it like dosa and cook for sometime to make it crispy. It will look like show below-

Now the Shahi Paratha is ready to to feed your growling tummy 😀

[Meme]~ABC’s of My Life :)

October 11, 2011 4 comments

MEME time again. 😀   And this time it has been kick started by Megz in an attempt to get to know the ABCs of our lives. I was tagged by Sree and here I go with the ABCs of my LIFE. 😀

A – Age: I refused to grow up after 16 (mentally 😛 ).

B – Books: Just finished reading “The (In)eligible Bachelors”.  And this is my 1st book that I read in one day at one stretch 😀

C – Current crush: 🙄 Would have named Farhan but then I don’t think he is a crush. It’s just sort of liking. 😛

D – Dance form: Free Jump Style 😛

E – Essential start your day item: Tying my hair. I can’t do anything untill I have tied my hair.

F – Favorite color: Red, Blue.

G – Gold or Silver: Gold for earring and Silver for LegChain(Anklet) 😛

H – Height: 5’3” almost 😛

I – I am: I am a good gal. 😀  😀

J – Job: Testing. 😉

K – Kids: I love to talk to the kids between 3-9 months when they talk just with their eyes and actions. Bigger kids… I love to play with them. 😀 And yeah love it when they kiss me. 😛

L – Latest Addiction: Disturbing People. 😛

M – Memorable Moment: My promotion. Morning the moment I reached office many of my batch mates pinged asking if I too got the promotion. That is when I came to know I am actually eligible for one. 😛 I was boiling with anger and already scolding my manager inside my mind for not informing about the same and infact pinged him saying I want to talk to him and its urgent. 😛 LUCKILY he was held up and said he will get back to me in some time. In another half an hour I received the mail that I have been promoted. Then i sang praises of him, this time not inside my mind. 😛

N – Nicknames: I think now I have a name starting with all the alphabets from A to Z. Ok this was little exagerating but I have too many nick-names which  I definitely can’t list out here. 😛 And the count being high for the names with letter “C”. 😐

O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Nope..  I hate the smell of hospitals. The medicinal smell of doctors.

P – Pet Peeve: LIES… How so ever bad/blunt/rude i prefer THE TRUTH. And I hate it when I see people lying to me.

Q – Quote from a movie: Can’t think of one right now. 😐

R – Right or left handed: I can try writing with both the hands 😛 but Right handed.

S – Sports – I love to play anything and everything. 😀  Don’t ask me how good I am at any of it.

T – Time you wake up: 6:30/7/7:30/ and finally leave the bed at 7:45 😀

U- Ugliness meter – Ask the mirror.

V – Vegetable you dislike: Nothing…

W – Ways you run late: I don’t need ways to run late. I have now understood that how so ever hard I try to be on time, I am destined to be late. Always.

X – X-rays you’ve had: Hmm I don’t think I have ever had a X-ray. 🙄

Y – Yummy food you make: Anything I make turns out Yummyyy. 😛

Z – Zzzzz times –Mostly between 12 AM to 1 AM.

So this is the ABC of my life…. Quite simple I guess. I here by tag Bikram to take the meme forward 🙂

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Wake me up when..

October 1, 2011 6 comments

It’s been long but I still remember
Our last meet in the month of September
I had thought I will never see you again
And walking towards you now is such a pain

Looking at you standing at the door
I see you where I left you before
The sleepless nights we spent together
Lying beside looking at each other

My fiddling with your perfect contour
Now everything seems like the days of yore
Sitting together under dim lamp light
Working hard before we kiss good night
Embracing you tight between the brawn
And falling asleep only at the break of dawn

After all efforts I still stand a loser
Clueless again and everything’s bouncer
My heart pleads just for one last favor
Wake me up when exams are over

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A vampire, An Angel & a Love Story :)

September 22, 2011 Leave a comment

My Sincere thanks to Raji for reviewing it. 🙂

Warning: I am not a poet and this is a poem. 😛 Atleast I call it one. I started it with full enthusiasm but mid way got lost somewhere and couldn’t finish properly. 😐 Some may say its a scary story like they told about my previous poems-

1. Ways and She

2. Aberrant thoughts

But like my all other poems even this isn’t a scary one 😀 . Just a simple yet tragic love story of A  Vampire and an Angel. Weak Hearted MUST read the poem. Strong Hearted will anyway have to read it.

A vampire, An Angel & a Love Story

Dark wood and the blue sea
Crescent moon shining above dimly
Fluttering white pearl like feathers
Clad in red bedizen came down an angel

In welcome hooted the owls in unison
“Welcome O Angel, Welcome O Angel”

She walked from a tree to another
Her dainty smile spreading lavender
Enticed by the aromatic smell
Followed the fragrance, a Vampire

As she walked and neared the sea
Approaching waves surged in glee
Taking promenade along the shore
Angelic foot print made the sand lure

She paused and turned,
With every step heading close to her
He realized 24 hours been like years
Holding her hand he then whispered
“Love you Angel”!!

Flashed like a dagger, lightning
Still turned the waves and wind
Instantly blue changed her wings
And then,
Roared a voice from the sky
Trembling in fear the clouds passing by
Pulling the vampire into darkness above
Spelled a curse on the Angel

As Dark swallowed his last presence
He said, don’t shed tears my angel,
We will meet again!!

Dark wood and the blue sea
Crescent moon shining above dimly
Taking promenade along the shore
People still hear cries of Angel & Vampire!!

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The Psychotic Wagon- Imperfect Me :)

August 21, 2011 2 comments

This is the latest Meme running in our internal blogsphere where we talk about our  OCDs(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), the lil imperfections in us that defines our natural-insanity level. 😛

Following the tradition of CCP(Cut-Copy-Paste) let me also copy the definition of OCD from Raji’s blog itself 😛 –

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations (obsessions), or behaviors that make them feel driven to do something (compulsions) – (wiki)

In short something that is so unavoidable for you and how hard you try you just can’t avoid it.

I am sure for the below mentioned OCD’s many of my “Lucky-Victims” will vouch in excitement of having experienced it but dare you exaggerate it. 😛

Here it goes-

1. I am the BEST typo queen- No human/alien/animal/whatever can make the typos I make. Not embarrassment but you can imagine a look of pride on my face when I say that 😛 . After all making typos is not in everybody’s fingers 😛 . I have tried typing slowly or working on the way my fingers work on keyboard but I just can’t correct it and thus the misplacing of letters. I have cursed many alphabets like I/O, B/V, N/M, and some more for their adjacent existence on the keyboard and the blunder it has made me do. I am not going to give any examples for obvious reasons 😛 .

But the good thing is how bad I type and how so ever miserable typos I make, people talking to me get used to it in no time and start understanding it pretty soon 😛 . I make sure they do. How many typos after all can I keep correcting? 🙄

2. Clap- Jump- Clap- Sounds strange even to me but I just can’t resist clapping & jumping when I am at the top floor of excitement 🙄 . And the worst is realization strikes that I have been doing something foolish like that only after the process is completed and the damage is done 😛 . I remember reading my 1st appreciation mail & I almost jumped out of my seat clapping for self. I realized it only when my colleague who sits next to me interrupted the trance asking what happened. 😛 .

3. Reflex Smiling- This is funniest of all mentioned above. I just can’t control smiling or laughing in response if someone smiles looking at me. 🙄 Even with strangers. 😛 Even when I am angry and talking something very serious, if the other smiles I immediately smile back in reflex & forget the talk then. It concludes there itself. 🙄

I think this much is enough to prove my insanity level. 😛

[BlogTak-Special Report]~“Ipad bani Sautan”

May 16, 2011 2 comments

Welcome to our special report of the day- “Ipad bani Sautan”.

For the next five minutes do not blink, do not move from your seat  as I along with the Photographer Kiddhesh take you to the spot where we spotted the first victim of the “OCGD “ of the “Millennial Man”.  What is OCGD? From where did it come? Who is the 1st victim? For all these questions just keep reading BlogTak and we promise all your questions will be answered. We assure you after knowing the whole story even you will be biting your nails in fear and “what–the-hell-is-wrong-with-youth these days look.

Educated, Beautiful, Responsible, City bred, Working, Modern, if you think this is how men describe the women they want to get married to, you are probably living in stone age.

Yes, you read it right. Now the Millennial generation no longer falls for the tall-fair-charming beauty rather their jaws fall open for any sleeky-shining-10.1 inches metallic device and their heart melts faster than the ice-cream kept in room-temperature when they get to touch it.

For the first time ONLY on BlogTak you will see the 1st victim of this “OCGD(Obsessive Compulsive Gadget Disorder)” of the Millennial man. The term was coined by Dr. Megzie who during  her research on the Millennial men found the 1st man suffering from the disease. For privacy reasons we won’t be disclosing his name.

For those of you who aren’t aware of OCGD, it’s a disorder in the brain that makes the sufferer get attracted towards the gadgets in a way they should be attracted towards a woman.

Now a look at the 1st victim.

 Look at this girl. How old does she look to you? What condition do you think she is in? What you think is going on in her mind? Why is she sitting this way?

As per our sources,  she has been sitting the same way since her boyfriend ditched her for a sleeky Ipad 2.  At first she thought it’s just his “little” liking towards the gadgets that he is preferring to spend more time with the device than with her. But later when she discovered that he had introduced the device to his mom saying he wants to “Marry it” which he was supposed to do with her as per promises, she collapsed on the ground and is on the ground the same way since then hoping her love will understand how much she misses him.  But will he ever realize it? Will she succeed in disentangling him from the love-net of damn IPAD?

Even his mom was taken for a shock followed by worries for the son who is hardly 23 and is confessing his  love not for any woman rather a device. Knowing not what to do they approached Dr. Megzie who in her research found the strange disease and thus became the 1st Doctor to address the 1st victim of OCGD.

We have Dr. Megzie here with us who will tell us more about the disease-

Me: Dr. Megzie first of all welcome to the show.

Dr: Thank you for the honor.

Me: Dr. first of all is OCGD a male specific disease?

Dr: No it’s not male specific and could be found in many Millennial Women too who are tech savvy but the count is more among men.

Me: Is it only with IPAD?

Dr: No it could be any gadget. Ipad/Iphone/Any damn mobile phone/Mac/Ipod or anything.

Me: Dr. Could you please enlighten us on how can we know a man/Woman is suffering from OCGD?

Dr: If you see anyone spending more time with the gadgets, looking at it with a twinkle in the eyes, touching it like long lost lovers, talking to it as if it’s a second person(this is all i know for now), to anyone and everyone even with Mom all they speak about is devices and apps, and often smile at it pointlessly, you can be sure he/she is suffering from OCGD.

Me: Thank you for all the informations Dr.

Have you seen any such person around you? Does your friend behave the same way? Do you think one among you is suffering from a similar disorder? Write to us in the comment section below.
With photographer Kiddhesh this is Anuradha Kumari signing off.

The Princess Diary!!

April 29, 2011 2 comments

Today I am going to tell you the story of a Princess. Yeah Princess of the blogging world, Raji. She must have shared many incidents of her life with you. Be it about her siblings and their life, pics of her various trips , the awesome shape poetry, about biker, she has shared it all here. But there is one story that she never mentioned. Nobody knows about it, except me. The memoirs of those dark cursed days still haunts her sometimes and she wakes up horrified in mid night or struggles to catch sleep till dawn breaks, and that’s when she sits down and rhyme, silently until tiredness takes the toll over her. Want to know what happened? Read on.

She sat in a corner of her room, staring at the clock and then her blog. She thought to herself- “It’s been 3 days now. And with the clock striking 00:00 the count will reach 4.” Tears welled up in the corner of her “small” eyes with the realization that days were passing in a jiffy & still there was nothing in her mind that could cure her suffering.

Once while crossing through the cafeteria, her colleagues spotted her writing something vigorously in the diary she always carried along. And then she ripped the page off ruthlessly, threw it inside her hand bag and began writing again. She did the same with nearly 10 pages. It was a scary sight for them.

She was acting different. Very different. Suddenly she would look into the sky and click something, then stare at her mobile for several minutes, suddenly sit staring at nothing on the table for minutes, or click the pics of the juices and salads she has ordered. She would walk along the corridors of the office as if she had been possessed, and if at her desk, she would blankly stare at the monitor, physically present but mentally nobody knew where.

That Saturday morning while she was busy staring at the pages of her diary, clock and her blog, her cell phone rang. It was him. The love of her life, Sree. She smiled after 4 days. He reminded her about the date they have planned in “Mash”. She loved the place for its romantic ambience and sea facing bistro. Her eyes were still fixed on her blog while she dressed up to meet him.

He was already there, waiting for her. Finally she arrived and their “small” eyes met. They sat in trance for some brief moments and his eyes fell upon her dress. He took her hand in his and asked- “Princess, you didn’t have any washed dress? You could have told me. I would have helped you reduce that pile of unwashed clothes. Why wear the already worn dress ulta?”

Her “small” eyes opened wide and she looked at herself, shocked. I am……. Sree…… I don’t know how…. but it’s not what…… I really don’t know…… Words seemed to defy her and she couldn’t say anything.

He held her close and calming her down, asked- “What happened Princu?”

Wiping off the tears she said-“I think I will lose my mind if it continues for one more day. You won’t marry some Konkani-speaking lady chosen by your mom na then? Moi tumak bhal pao a lot Sree.” Saying so she hugged him.

He couldn’t understand what was happening but replied “I vada pao you too Raji. Vada pao you too.”

Those words echoed in her ears like the magical spell. Her eyes lit up suddenly and pulling him close she kissed him on the cheeks(Indian Culture) and said “You are just the best my dear Froggie.”

Before he could even blink, she took her laptop that she carried along, logged into her blog and wrote-

” Across the wild velvet moor, when delicate bluebells yawn
They Stood under a Lemon Tree, relishing the “vada pao” brown
With Zephyr inkling the tickling sensation in both
The lovely couple pledged the Love troth!! “

As she clicked on “Post” button her joy knew no bounds. She has now recovered from the Bloggers block 😛 .

Note: Moi tumak bhal pao = I love you in Assameese.

PS: Though the names might sound familiar, but the characters are purely fictious. Trust me 😛

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