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[Guest post for MJ]~ Chicken-ing Out ;)

January 12, 2011 3 comments

This is a guest post for MJ. I mean on behalf of MJ 😛 .  And thus the speaker is he himself 😀 .


The clock struck 00:00:00 on Jan 2nd and another year of my bachelorhood elapsed. Even my innocent milk-leaking face doesn’t hide the obvious 27 I am now. Still single…. mummyyyy 😦 . And the exponential rate at which the number of girls calling me “Anna” (Brother) is increasing every passing year which stands directly proportional to the size of my ever-increasing tummy, I fear the status change even in near future 😦 . Before I  become the Universal-Brother and I am forced to follow the pledge I have taken in my school days, I decided to take up some resolutions which might succeed in stopping at least 1 gal in India from calling me Anna. (I cannot go for other country gals as it’s very difficult to love in languages other than Tamil you know.).

June 2nd 2011- after 6 months of following the resolutions-

Wait 1st I need to tell what resolutions I took right? Here I go but statutory warning adopt them at your own risk.

I graduated from cartoon TV to *TV only when my mother wasn’t around. You know, it takes some time for parents to realize that their kids are no more kids.

I stopped looking at gals with brotherly eyes. Anuji said it’s all cz of my brotherly eyes, gals feel the urge to fall in brotherly-love with me. It was so difficult you know. How to look at a gal than the way I have been accustomed to for the past 27 years? She didn’t teach me that. And my self-learning earned me some slaps, cold stares along with curses and swearing sometimes. But it was fun@learning as long as they swore in English 😀 .

The biggest villain between me and gals was my tummy that has always gained attention from every gal even before my innocent face does 😦 . Holding the breath can help when you are standing in pics in front of the gal but not when you are standing live ok. I have been jogging/walking/running/dancing, 5 mins daily before I wake up, on the bed. Have reduced 0.0005 inches successfully 🙂 . Only I couldn’t afford to swim on bed.

The next challenge was intake of chicken. Megz said, it’s all cz of the curses from those chicks who found solace in my tummy, I am aging single. I decided, even if my tongue pleads and soul starves to death to bite the chicken leg, I will control 😦 . And I did. Things weren’t easy. Even in dreams where before I used to run behind Jenelia/Trisha in slow motion, now all I run after is Chicken 😦 , in slow motion of course.

I decided to learn to rhyme in Hindi like S3 does. Soon I will be his Guru. Here is one proof for you people-

Maataji mai Sakhu ko chahta ji

Tum haan bole to

Mai thaali lekar aata ji

Copyrighted @ Mjlicious

(Don’t ask me the translation plz)

And the below incident provoked me to take another bonus resolution-

She: Looked at me.

I:   Looked at her.

She: Smiled.

I:   Smiled.

She: Came close.

I:   ………

She: Came little more close.

I:   Sorry sister I am a good boy 😦 .

She: ???

Never call a gal as your sister 😦 .

PS: Thaali=Mangalsutra

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