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[BlogTak-Special Report]~“Ipad bani Sautan”

Welcome to our special report of the day- “Ipad bani Sautan”.

For the next five minutes do not blink, do not move from your seat  as I along with the Photographer Kiddhesh take you to the spot where we spotted the first victim of the “OCGD “ of the “Millennial Man”.  What is OCGD? From where did it come? Who is the 1st victim? For all these questions just keep reading BlogTak and we promise all your questions will be answered. We assure you after knowing the whole story even you will be biting your nails in fear and “what–the-hell-is-wrong-with-youth these days look.

Educated, Beautiful, Responsible, City bred, Working, Modern, if you think this is how men describe the women they want to get married to, you are probably living in stone age.

Yes, you read it right. Now the Millennial generation no longer falls for the tall-fair-charming beauty rather their jaws fall open for any sleeky-shining-10.1 inches metallic device and their heart melts faster than the ice-cream kept in room-temperature when they get to touch it.

For the first time ONLY on BlogTak you will see the 1st victim of this “OCGD(Obsessive Compulsive Gadget Disorder)” of the Millennial man. The term was coined by Dr. Megzie who during  her research on the Millennial men found the 1st man suffering from the disease. For privacy reasons we won’t be disclosing his name.

For those of you who aren’t aware of OCGD, it’s a disorder in the brain that makes the sufferer get attracted towards the gadgets in a way they should be attracted towards a woman.

Now a look at the 1st victim.

 Look at this girl. How old does she look to you? What condition do you think she is in? What you think is going on in her mind? Why is she sitting this way?

As per our sources,  she has been sitting the same way since her boyfriend ditched her for a sleeky Ipad 2.  At first she thought it’s just his “little” liking towards the gadgets that he is preferring to spend more time with the device than with her. But later when she discovered that he had introduced the device to his mom saying he wants to “Marry it” which he was supposed to do with her as per promises, she collapsed on the ground and is on the ground the same way since then hoping her love will understand how much she misses him.  But will he ever realize it? Will she succeed in disentangling him from the love-net of damn IPAD?

Even his mom was taken for a shock followed by worries for the son who is hardly 23 and is confessing his  love not for any woman rather a device. Knowing not what to do they approached Dr. Megzie who in her research found the strange disease and thus became the 1st Doctor to address the 1st victim of OCGD.

We have Dr. Megzie here with us who will tell us more about the disease-

Me: Dr. Megzie first of all welcome to the show.

Dr: Thank you for the honor.

Me: Dr. first of all is OCGD a male specific disease?

Dr: No it’s not male specific and could be found in many Millennial Women too who are tech savvy but the count is more among men.

Me: Is it only with IPAD?

Dr: No it could be any gadget. Ipad/Iphone/Any damn mobile phone/Mac/Ipod or anything.

Me: Dr. Could you please enlighten us on how can we know a man/Woman is suffering from OCGD?

Dr: If you see anyone spending more time with the gadgets, looking at it with a twinkle in the eyes, touching it like long lost lovers, talking to it as if it’s a second person(this is all i know for now), to anyone and everyone even with Mom all they speak about is devices and apps, and often smile at it pointlessly, you can be sure he/she is suffering from OCGD.

Me: Thank you for all the informations Dr.

Have you seen any such person around you? Does your friend behave the same way? Do you think one among you is suffering from a similar disorder? Write to us in the comment section below.
With photographer Kiddhesh this is Anuradha Kumari signing off.

Being ‘Anu’!! :P

March 18, 2011 11 comments

It’s already Friday and I feel like banging my head on the keyboard 🙄 . No not cz of any work load or anything you might be thinking rather cz I have been thinking to write something since Monday and I am still thinking. The moment I think of opening word I give an excuse to myself “Hei, Do it later”. Escapist.

Anyways by this time you would have got a hint that I am in all mood to blabber so as a good responsible employee let me suggest, if you have some “critical” jobs to attend kindly close this window and carry on. Rest with any high/medium/low or any priority jobs  can spend their quality time here 😀 .

The “priority” talks are the result of the defects I have been raising recently and the defect management training I just attended. So kindly bear with it.

Not everyone knows or agrees (including me) that I am “little” absent-minded “sometimes”. But the recent incidents and the root-cause-analysis (Something I learnt from testing and adopted for real-life situations too  😛 ) of the same has left me wondering at myself 🙄 .

I had a CCP(assessment) to write at 4 PM and was already running very late. It takes minimum one and a half hour to reach the center and I started from office only at 3. In hurry I parked my vehicle and ran to the bus stand. Luckily the bus arrived soon and seating myself in a window seat I gave a sigh of relief hoping I won’t be “tat” late. I was so lost somewhere that I never looked at anybody and just kept looking out of the window(seeing actually nothing). Almost after half an hour  when just casually I wanted to move my hand over my hair I touched my head & realized,  I had been sitting inside the bus wearing the helmet 🙄 .

Biggest Comment-

I have received many compliments or comments but yesterday I got the biggest comment of my life that I am a biggest entertainment “piece” :O .

Lost @ the desk-

I can get lost anywhere. Both physically and mentally. One evening/night I sat staring at the application lost somewhere. It was almost 8:30 PM when suddenly my manager called out my name from the back and unknowingly I screamed at the highest pitch possible. The next moment he looked at me scared/surprised and I, embarrassed at the stupid act 😐 .

The sudden realization-

Many a times, we crib, complain and above all “compare” with whom we or our life for an instance aren’t even comparable and thus forget to enjoy what we are and what we have got 🙂 . I am no different. But before it was too late and I become a khadus-serious-angry-irritated  young lady, I slapped myself hard and the result is in front of you 😛 .

Though you “love” to listen to my blabber, I cannot go on speaking always na? 😛 You can resume your work now 😀 .

Have a jhaakaass weekend and a very happy Holi 🙂

Note: If you play Holi, instead of using colors use home-made-mud and trust me its far better than those chemicals and more fun too 😛 . Also it goess off easily.

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‘Exams’ are good!!’Exams’ achee hai :D

February 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Those who know how I wrote my exams, don’t get shocked seeing the title 😛 . And for those who don’t know and even if you don’t wanna know I will tell you 😛 , exams were little better than horrible.

Then why am I saying Exams are good? hiihhiihhiihih 😀

If you get to have fun and enjoy all the 5 days of leave(studying too) without having to worry for any sort of deadlines, if you get treat by will or by force 😛 on all 5 days, if you experience the thrill of bike-driving for the 1st time 😀 , you too will say the same. Exams are really good, bahut achee hai 😀 . And needless to say, it was awesome fun.












It was fun to get the angry-frustrated look from my youngest sis, nearly 6 years younger to me, while she tried teaching me accounts fearing that I may fail miserably if she doesn’t helps. Sigh! Luckily she didn’t slap or cry like how I used to do while teaching her long long ago once upon a time 😛 . And results, I am not even thinking of it right now 🙄 .

In the examination center, amidst all the students trying to brush up in last few minutes before the exam, there were 3 ducks. So beautiful that you could imagine how much I would have revised for the exams after seeing them 😛 .














But the strange thing was, whenever I tried going near them, they stood up together and started shouting in chorus as if calling someone. Disturbed by the noise I received some cold stares too from people studying seriously.














But when I looked around to check whom they were calling and by the time I turned back to them, they were already running away together. So smart. Don’t know who taught them these tricks of fooling people 😐 .














They did the same every day every time I tried touching any of them. Even they had the sense of unity 🙄 .















But it was fun watching them play silently 🙂 .


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You can’t repent!!

January 24, 2011 Leave a comment

You return from an awesome-fun filled-memorable trip to Pondy on new year and get blasted from Mum for not being at home(one of the reasons 😛 ), you cannot repent as its worth the scolding 😛 .

You catch up with your friends after a gap of few days and they say they missed your goof-ups on the 1st place and then only you, you definitely can’t repent 😛 .

For a change you don’t log in and go to bed at “10 PM”, the whole family looks at you with suspicious eyes as if you have stolen something and then your Mum comes and touches your forehead to check if you are sick, huh how are you supposed to repent 🙄 .

You are interviewing a bean and she confesses that she once wished to kill you cz unknowingly you were the reason she once got blasted by her BO and accused for not bringing fame  the way once you did, well, now how to repent? 😛

You are saving money from your salary for a purpose from months and suddenly you land up in a jewelery shop with Mum, though she doesn’t expects/asks but you give your card to pay the bill and she almost jumps in joy singing your praises to who so ever she meets, only a foolish daughter can repent 😀 .

You call one of your friends on a weekend and the Idiot is busy updating the status and searching valentine on FB while on call and not attentive, who can repent swearing on such friends? 😛

You reach office at 11, spend the whole day reading-enjoying-deleting the spam mails from friends and having fun in the conferences, catching up with friends in cafeteria(Human beings are subjected to get moody and not feel like working especially if its Friday), you cannot repent staying after 6 to complete the job as its worth staying late 😉 .

With great difficulty you manage to get leave to prepare for your exams and now you simply sit and blink seeing the book unable to concentrate, will you repent scoring a “ZERO”?? 🙄

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