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When did I grow so BIG?

December 15, 2010 4 comments

Life couldn’t get more worse for a girl who has graduated two years back, has no plans to study further at least for another two years, is approaching that ‘marriageable’ age exactly contradictory to her actual behavior, acts, looks and and above all, have a younger sister who isn’t at much age difference, possess all the responsible-mature-understanding-caring bla bla qualities that she has hardly known, and to top the list, looks elder cz of chubbiness in contrast to her starving-to-death physique.

Now even if I show the marriage invitation card of a school/college friend to my mother, instantly I get that “See, everyone is getting married” look.The heights were when I told her about a friend who recently got married & is pregnant now. The immediate response was a pitiable look towards me as though all my friends have got double promotion and I have kept myself deprived of even one.

Any talk on Saturdays and Sundays revolves only around how many most-eligible-bachelors are there in which part of the state and how each of their family is doing. And any advices or scoldings for any mistakes done speaks only about how I am going to be ill-treated if I don’t learn even now, which is no sooner followed by the ‘do’s and don’ts’ in-laws house. While any of these strictly refuses to find any way into my ears, all I do is flip the pages of the novel and stare at the already-giggling-enjoying-my-plight sisters.

If this wasn’t enough, there pitches in relatives & my mother’s friends, embarrassing me with all sort of questions on expectations so that they can help in selecting the best alliance as if the answer is so simple and this is what I have been thinking about all the years. Besides every time I try to search an answer the first unanswered question that covers my eyes is “When did I grow so BIG?” 🙄
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