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Tada Falls

Hello everyone 😀

For the 1st time I have come with some pics, yeah taken by me. No no no special camera rather testing of my own 5 mega pixel cell :mrgreen: .

These are the pics taken on pongal in Tada falls. We just graduated from academy and it was a small get together of some 25 members (all the reps ) including our BO.  Yeah he too never misses any chance of having fun and especially when it was a trekking plan his presence is obvious 😀 . The fascinating beauty of nature could be felt from these pics itself. (Sorry for adjusting the size as the image wasn’t fitting perfectly 😛 )

Heading to the falls

The chill water of the falls

Someone dint mind posing even half drown 🙄

One of the falls there. Just amazing view.

We balanced together on small stumbling rocks too 😀 (May be just for the pic)

The beauty of this cant be put into words 🙂

This is how we reached there. Jumping from one rock to another 😀

Look at the height of this rock. We climbed this too :O (Don ask how 😀 )

The rockstars can manage to dance every where. Even on the spiky rocks 😀

Yes we returned home successfully w/o any casualties 😀

Where every one was busy sharing the amazing moments of the trip there were some enjoying the bliss of power nap :D Look at these sleeping beauties :D

When every one was busy discussing the adventurous trip this sleeping beauty was spotted taking the power nap 😀

The Ultimate one 😀 Does it require any comment? :mrgreen:

These pics were in celebration of my 6th month completion in Cognizant today 😀

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