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“Khushi” between us

My Visa for India has finally been approved. I’m so happy today. Dono how this 1 month will pass counting the days, when I will be in India. Reasons are many…. or maybe just one… it’s only her. Yeah, after 8 long years if therez anything that is pulling me back to my once own land is she- “Khushi”. I’m still not sure how will Khushi react to for what I’m gonna confess to her. But I know shez not gonna hate me at least. In these two years of friendship I have known her at least this much…..or rather more than that. But must admit she knows me more than I do and so I am sure that she knows about my feelings for her too very well, but never asked anything. Dono why?….May be shez waiting for me….. or maybe she thinks she might come in between me and “Naaz”. But she doesn’t know that she had already come in between us………..

The day is still fresh in my eyes. I was at the top of the sky, jumping with happiness, shouting at the top of my voice and trying her number only to hear “The number you are trying to call couldn’t be reached. Please try again later”. It was nothing new. I was used to it. Whenever I tried to speak to her, I never succeeded in 1st attempt. It will be either out of reach or she disconnects and reason being very simple,,,, the high call rate. She knows the conversation will go very long,,,,,, and could be ended only by the merciless service provider giving reason as “No balance”.

I wanted her to be the first person to know. I wanted to tell her all about Naaz. I was so happy and wanted to share it with her first. But,,,,, she wasn’t there…

Naaz- she is perfect for me. She is a good gal. A gal with whom I can spend whole of my life happily w/o any complains. She would never say a word for anything and adjust with me for what I am w/o asking for anything…..… I know……….she never did complain even that day when I confessed to her about my feelings for “Khushi”. May be she understood it long before…

Me and Naaz have been talking since 3 months. She being from same university where I study and being my junior and in same department, our meeting was so obvious one. She approached me for the notes and then the phone numbers exchanged followed by texting and calls. We talked so much in those 3 months. From politics to history, about love, relationship, past, present, future, our families ,,,,so much.

There have been many nights when we slept over the phone without disconnecting it and it would have continued the same way my father wouldn’t have caught me talking to her at 3AM. My father asked me whether I like her and I said- “She isn’t bad.” Same question was asked to her and she replied- “I am fine with him”. Some conversations were exchanged between the families and…… “Are you guys ready to marry each other?”

She smiled at me…. Yeah she was blushing,, I could see her red turned face. I too smiled,,, I never thought my life will take this turn. It was so unexpected as though I and Naaz were friends, I never thought of her that way. I was in a situation of mixed emotion and didn’t know how to react. But she was so happy…… I know….her blushing face and eyes stuck on me whenever we crossed each other made it very clear. That moment, I thought yes “She is the one”.

There was so much to talk. I waited for her for 2 days. Every day seemed like a year.

I was missing her so much….. She came finally after 2 days-

Khushi- Hei, Hi hz you? And what’s that surprise? Temme I can’t wait anymore.

Aman- I’m in love 🙂

Khushi- Wowww whoz she? What’s her name? When? And you are telling me now? 😡 How long it’s been happening? 😡

Aman- It’s you 🙂 .

Khushi- Oh shut up. Don’t start it all again.

Aman- Why don’t you believe me? I’m serious.

Khushi- Huh do you need any good words from me again?

Aman- Anything with love is welcome 🙂

Khushi-Not Love I will send it with hatred 😡 Stoppp it now 😦 and temme who is she?  I know someone there and you ain’t bluffing this time. I could sense you blushing. So Temme now.

Aman-Her name is Naaz 🙂 . She is in the same university with me.

Khushi- Temme when where how what happened? Where did you guys meet? I wana know everything.

The excitement in her to know about Naaz was pretty obvious. Khushi is the one with whom I have lived every good and bad moment of my life. She knows every bit of me. I never required telling her that I’m happy, angry or sad. She had always read it in my words, even when I tried to hide them behind my smile. There had been hardly few days when we talked something serious but when we talked I never realized when darkness hid behind the sunlight and still feeling as if she just came. Rest of the days it was just fun and talks of sense/nonsense who can define? Time passed in jiffy when she is with me and I feel wish I could hold it. Though being an extrovert I have never been so open to anyone. Not even with Naaz. But “Khushi”, dono what made me so comfortable that I never hesitated sharing anything to her. I am sure that whenever I need she will always be there by my side to share my feelings. Let it be happy or sad. I can’t ask God for anything more.

Finally the wait ended. I flew off to India, just for her. This 1 month had been the most difficult phase of my life. Every day had been like years. But standing on the foreign land, waiting for her, it was getting difficult to pass every second. I could no longer wait to tell her what shez for me. I wanted to tell her everything. I didn’t know whether I will be able to when she will be in front of my eyes for the “first time”, didn’t know if I will have the words.

Finally she came. She was right when she said her pic doesn’t show real her. She looked far gorgeous than her pics. I just couldn’t take my eyes off her big eyes when she walked towards me with that beautiful simple smile,,,, She was much more than I thought her to be. I couldn’t speak a word….

Khushi- Now will you stop staring at me?

Aman- No 😛

Khushi- Naaz……..how do you handle this guy yar 😦 . Don’t you feel ashamed flirting in front of your wife? 😡

Aman- No 😀

Naaz- He need not be ashamed for you being the exception else he knows it well what the consequence would be.

Aman- Khushi, I want you to meet somebody.

Meet my Khushi, my daughter. I wanted you to know about her only when we meet. And don’t object for the name cz even before she was born I decided, she will be named after my “Khushi”. I want you to be always with me, and she will make me feel you’re there. My best friend, my Khushi, now in my daughter Khushi, “Khushi between us”.

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  1. April 24, 2010 at 10:36 pm

    Wow Kia mat Pakau Hai yaar 😐 😐

    • April 25, 2010 at 5:02 am

      n haann mere ko majaa aayaa iskoo likhnee me 😀 bas couldnt end well 😦

  2. April 25, 2010 at 4:58 am

    thankss 😛
    Btw did you relate to it?? 😛
    Thanks for the story 😀
    Hw was my build up?? 😛

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